«All the stories are indebted to my memory as a child in the mountains of León»

Pablo Andrés Escapa has just published with Páginas de Espuma Herencias de invierno. Christmas Tales, a work illustrated by Lucie Duboeuf that contains ten stories starring the epiphany and the spirit of redemption typical of Christmas. —Tell me how the project of making a work of Christmas stories began —The origin is in a commission … Read more

Calu Rivero’s exercises to feel again in the womb: “The body has memory”

Calu Rivero’s exercises to feel again in the womb Away from media life and focused more on the spiritual, Calu Rivero He shared in the last few hours on his Instagram account the exercises he did to feel like he was in his mother’s womb on a beach in Tulum, Mexico. The actress uploaded a … Read more

The 2022/2023 season of “AltreScene” restarts on 5 November at the Zo center in Catania, with “Totò e Vicè” by Franco Scaldati, to revisit memory in a contemporary key

“Totò and Vicè” – In the photo: Rosario Palazzolo and AntonGiulio Pandolfo bis In a world increasingly characterized by a growing contamination between the levels of knowledge and action, even the stage inevitably takes on an increasingly multidisciplinary value. This imperative, well summarized in the guiding parameters of the Ministry of Culture, is the beacon … Read more

“Reading as prayer”: ethics, memory and spirituality in the thought of Joan

Doctor of Philosophy and Letters, the writer is a full professor of Philosophy of Education at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a main author of Editorial Fragmenta In “Reading as a Prayer” he condenses, almost through aphorisms, his interpretation of the world and of the wisdoms that have spent millennia seeking answers in religion, … Read more

In memory of Fabio Tabacchetti: “Hello Fabio”


THE FAMILY PSYCHOLOGIST 2.0 25 October 2022 16:58 hours Sara Angeleri Today I talk to you about how the “drama”Can break into everyday life without being announced. I am referring to the blurred boundary between life and death, between earthly existence and spirituality and how each of us attributes completely personal meanings to these experiences. … Read more

Father Peter Gumpel, the memory of a friend


On Wednesday 12 October 2022 the Jesuit Fr. Peter (aka Kurt) Gumpel has ended his earthly exodus, and has reached the Father’s House. He was 98 years old. For some time he had been hospitalized in the infirmary of the Residenza San Pietro Canisio in Rome. I visited him periodically, and stayed with him for … Read more

The living memory of Van Thuan twenty years after his death


An international symposium and celebrations at his grave in Rome with pilgrims from the Vietnamese diaspora characterized the anniversary celebrated on this date. Cardinal Czerny: “May his testimony of unwavering faith and unconditional love give strength to today’s persecuted Christians.” Postulator Hilgeman: “Reports continue to come in of graces granted through his intercession, including a … Read more

In memory of the priest Ángel Sánchez González


When I try, like at this moment, to do by way of epitaph in memory of a great and dear friend, recently deceased, sadness and intense and uncontrollable sorrow invade you, and it is inevitable to let yourself be seduced by the logical and human feelings of subjectivity, induced by the emotional disposition of friendship. … Read more

Memory Foam Mattress Market Analyzed by Size Share, Trends, Key Players and Future Growth Prospects


Global Memory Foam Mattress Market, By Type (Small 10cm, 10-30cm, and Above 30cm), Applications (Residential Use and Commercial Use), Size (Twin, Twin XL, Full Size, and Others) ), country (United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Rest of South America, Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Netherlands, Switzerland, Rest of Europe, Japan, China, … Read more