The Pope praises the deep relationship with God of St. Thomas Aquinas

Pope Francis praised Saint Thomas Aquinas’ deep relationship with God “which was manifested, for example, in the adoration of Jesus in his real presence in the Eucharist.” In a prepared speech for the “Fraternity of Saint Thomas Aquinas Groups” (FASTA)and not pronounced by the Pope, but delivered to the members and disseminated by … Read more

Pope praises natural harmony between faith and reason in education

Pope Francis received around a hundred members of the Fraternity of Saint Thomas Aquinas Groups on Friday, September 30, in the Clementine Hall of the Apostolic Palace. Before the priests, lay people and consecrated persons of this community founded in Argentina in 1962, the Sovereign Pontiff recalled the whole heritage of Saint Thomas in the … Read more



Rome, Sep 24 (EFE) .- Pope Francis assured this Saturday, before nearly a thousand young economists and businessmen from 100 countries of the world gathered in Assisi (central Italy), that it is necessary to “question the development model” current because “the earth burns today” and asked that work be fair for all, “the great challenge … Read more

Why has the Pope gone to Kazakhstan?


In this article, Antonio Navarro, Diocesan Delegate for Ecumenism and for Interreligious Dialogue, analyzes some of the keys to understanding this 38th Apostolic Journey of Pope Francis By Antonio Navarro, Diocesan Delegate for Ecumenism and for Interreligious Dialogue Kazakhstan, a plural and open nation As a modern and independent country, Kazakhstan is very recent. It … Read more

Homosexuality: what does Pope Francis really think?


Since the beginning of his pontificate, Pope Francis has made hospitality one of the doors of evangelization in the Catholic Church. Starting from the principle that one does not attract non-believers or crowds in spiritual search with lessons in doctrine, and considering that family and sexual morality had monopolized too much the institutional voice over … Read more

The Pope: “Being an Order means learning from each other”


To the Premonstratensian Canons Regular, on the occasion of the 9th centenary of the foundation of the Abbey of PrémontréPhoto: Vatican Media / ACI Group By Veronica Giacometti VATICAN CITY, September 22, 2022 / 11:45 AM (ACI Print) .- This morning, in the Vatican Apostolic Palace, Francis receives the Premonstratensian Canons Regular in audience, on … Read more

Lgbt Christians from the Pope. In Ragusa from all over Italy for a spirituality meeting

There was also a group of LGBT + Christians from Ragusa at the audience with Pope Francis yesterday morning in St. Peter’s Square. Francis met some members of the association La Tenda di Gionata, which brings together LGBT + Christians. Over one hundred gay and lesbian people, their parents and the pastoral workers who accompany … Read more

Pope Francis: “the old are not outcasts from whom to distance themselves, make an alliance between young and old” | AgenSIR


“Today in the increasingly rampant worldly mentality, old age not only seems to scare but also continually feeds the logic of waste. In fact, it is said, it is good for elderly people to stay together in structures specially designed for them and able to take care of them. Thus the world is distinguished between … Read more

The pope launches his cry for peace for Ukraine from another former Soviet republic, Kazakhstan


Pope Francis made an urgent call on Tuesday in Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan, to demand peace in Ukraine and an immediate end to a conflict he called “tragic and senseless war.” On his 38th pontifical trip, Francis raised his voice alongside the country’s president and said: “I have come to echo the request of … Read more

Kazakhstan. The Pope visits a growing Church


Kazakhstan, in the heart of Central Asia, is a mosaic of peoples: of ethnic groups, languages ​​and religions. A cultural maelstrom that has managed to preserve and promote concord through a history forged on the shores of the Silk Road, of nomadic tribes and the reception of deportees during the Soviet regime. Kazakhstan, after its … Read more