Stories, fables and drawings to be better Christians

The priest Lluís Raventós gathers in a book parables, examples and fables that Saint Josemaría used to teach us, adults and children, to be better Christians. The work is illustrated with drawings by the author himself. The book titled gusts at sunset It is the seventh that publishes mossen Lluís Raventós, a priest who will … Read more

How ‘Avatar: Way of the Water’ Tells Na’vi Stories Through Its Costumes

Costume designer Deborah L. Scott loves telling stories with clothes. “It helps the storytelling of the film,” Scott says of her artistry, which is evident in the meticulous detail behind the Na’vi costumes she created for James Cameron. Avatar: The Way of the Water. An Oscar for the director Titanic and recipient of this season’s … Read more

Unexpected literature #76. The eight stories about the religious world by Roberto Campagna

The writing of Robert Campagna it has a flavour, a fragrance that smells of villages and hidden alleys. Journalist, sociologist and writer, in his literary career he has dealt with giving a lyrical sense to what can be defined as minor history, the one that reflects the great History, capitalized and solemn, through the experience … Read more

The eccentric characters in ‘Los mares de la Luna’, the stories of Juan Fernando Merino

The book of stories entitled Los mares de la luna (Editorial Planeta, 2020) by Juan Fernando Merino is the work of a great translator and writer of short distances. A lunar cartography compiled after many years of traveling, reading, writing and rewriting. In Elkin Restrepo’s prologue, the title is explained by the craters left on … Read more

Journal of Philology and Intercultural Communication, Vol.6, No.2/July 2022: Stories of Love and Hope

JOURNAL OF PHILOLOGY AND INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION Vol.6, No.2/July 2022 Stories of love and hope Faced with a new wave of pandemic and a global (and national) economy and security continually beset by micro and macro risks, humanity must turn inward and accept reality in its own strength. In difficult times like these, cultivating resilience can … Read more

FASHION&FOOD 2023 Calendar MATRES ET COQUI Econote Stories from a greener world

The project reaches chapter 10 Fashion&Food from Salvio Parisi, art director and advertising and publishing photographer, journalist for events and culture of the area between Naples and Campania. The less conventional fashions, the local beauty and the new face of well-known starred chefs in balance between professional profile and art, culture and territory, tailoring and … Read more

New stories full of mystery return with ‘Inexplicable Latin America’

This October 9, at 9:55 pm, (Colombia time) the second season of Inexplicable Latin America premieres on the channel History. This is a program that presents several episodes in which mysteries and enigmas from different places in this region are addressed, such as those of sorcerers, witches and shamans, cases of ghosts and cursed dolls, … Read more