Cinema releases of December 21: Godland, The Eight Mountains…

What are the cinema releases for the week of December 21, 2022? The Eight Mountains, Godland, The Green Perfume… Every week, Ecran Large makes its market in cinemas, and selects some interesting releases and must-see films (for good or bad reasons). With one of our biggest favorites of the year, a friendship nestled in the … Read more

Genesis of an artist: Fabelmans leaves its mark Mountains and donkeys, friendships and cruelty

Perhaps it is fate that there is always a train at the beginning. Certainly even the first amazement is never forgotten. It even becomes an obsession. So when Sam Fabelmans, still a child, son of a computer engineer and a failed pianist forced to be a housewife, sees the spectacular accident on the tracks filmed … Read more

«All the stories are indebted to my memory as a child in the mountains of León»

Pablo Andrés Escapa has just published with Páginas de Espuma Herencias de invierno. Christmas Tales, a work illustrated by Lucie Duboeuf that contains ten stories starring the epiphany and the spirit of redemption typical of Christmas. —Tell me how the project of making a work of Christmas stories began —The origin is in a commission … Read more

The sacred mountains of Sara Bianchi in the photos on display at “Sottovento”

The photographic exhibition of a young (28 years old) and interesting artist from Pavia opens on Sunday at the Sottovento literary inn (via Siro Comi 8 in Pavia). Sara Bianchi’s exhibition, open until 18 December, already entitled, “Sacred Mountains”, reveals the non-naturalistic approach to the subject matter. the expressive choice The artist herself explains the … Read more

Messner on a trip to the sacred mountains around the world

A new book by Reinhold Messner has just been released, written together with the German historian Ralf-Peter Martin, entitled “The Mountains of the Gods. Journey to the sacred mountains around the world ”(Corbaccio publisher). In this volume, accompanied by splendid photos, Messner recounts his pilgrimages to the mountains considered sacred by the various religions of … Read more