Calu Rivero’s exercises to feel again in the womb: “The body has memory”

Calu Rivero’s exercises to feel again in the womb Away from media life and focused more on the spiritual, Calu Rivero He shared in the last few hours on his Instagram account the exercises he did to feel like he was in his mother’s womb on a beach in Tulum, Mexico. The actress uploaded a … Read more

Artemide Zatti, saint of everyday life. Archbishop Laxague (Viedma): “Even today people feel him ‘one of them'” | AgenSIR

A saint of everyday life, of the encounter with people and above all with the sick. A saint who has lived through some situations that make him contemporary to the sufferings of today: emigrant, from Italy to Argentina, engaged in the world of health, as a nurse and as the soul of the first hospital … Read more

Jeff Bridges back in ‘The Old Man’: ‘I feel noticeably older than I did a few years ago’


Time spares no one. Ask Jeff Bridges (72) instead. Two years ago, the actor (‘The Big Lebowski’, ‘Iron Man’) had lymphoma, and during his chemo, he caught COVID. Bridges got away with it and even carries a real action drama on his shoulders, the series ‘The Old Man’, where he plays an ex-CIA agent on … Read more

In Venice, Iñárritu presents “Bardo”. But we didn’t feel the need too much


He is captivating and boring at the same time, he has brilliant ideas and a moment later Fellini-style déjà-vu. She needed a good scissoring. But on the other hand, life, even for directors, is cruel: the years pass, sooner or later the moment comes for the “more personal” film. The clues were not very reassuring: … Read more

Orchids: the language of flowers feel the magic they transmit


Whatever the occasion, a birthday, Mother’s Day, an anniversary, a graduation, or if you just want to offer a nice thank you gift, an orchid is the perfect medium to convey positive feelings and emotions. These special and delicate beauties are famous for their significance as a symbol of pure love, beauty, luxury and toughness. … Read more

In the Eure, lithotherapy or how stones help you feel better


By Alph.B. Seny Published on 5 Sep 22 at 15:38 The Norman awakening See my news Follow this media Maud Notebook ©Alph.B.Seny In Verneuil (Eure), Maud Notebook swims in his world of stones like a fish in water. If you didn’t know, lithotherapy is alternative and therapeutic medicine which uses the energy of stones and … Read more

“I feel ready”: Ismael Cruz Córdova on The Rings of Power


There are few epic stories so timeless What The Lord of the rings. This universe of hobbits, elves, dragons, humans and magic has already had several adaptations, and we always want more. This September 1, a long-awaited one arrives: The Rings of Power, a kind of prequel based on Tolkien’s writings (but not on a … Read more

Sunday MIRAEL in concert “FEEL LOVE”


ROVIGO – Sunday 28 August 2022 at 9 pm in Rovigo, at the end of the 178th Sagra di San Bortolo, will be held on acoustic concert FEEL THE LOVE of the singer-songwriter from Ferrara MIRAEL ( – ​​@miraelofficial) with excerpts from his album FEEL LOVE. The evening will be held in Piazza di San … Read more

Mireia Oriol: “Alma disturbed me so much that it took me a year to feel like I was myself again”


This story begins and ends in a convent in Kensington, the Victorian district of London. Mireia Oriol (Barcelona, ​​1996) stayed there during the months in which the most important change in her life was forged, when she left the world of fashion to take a leap of faith towards that of acting. A faith, a … Read more