The archbishop presents his pastoral plan for Seville: five years to continue evangelization

The Archbishop of Seville, Jose Angel Saiz Menesespresented this Sunday during the evening mass at the Cathedral his first Diocesan Pastoral Plan for the Archdiocese of Seville. A project that intends to serve as an orientation “to all of us who carry out the performance of the pastoral task in our beloved Archdiocese, and in … Read more

Contemplative Diocesan House: the response of the Archbishop of Toledo to the boom of reiki and yoga among the faithful

The Archbishop of Toledo, Francisco Cerro Cháves, has decided to erect a contemplative diocesan house in La Rinconada de Tajo, which aims to “create in our diocesan Church a permanent space and time for contemplation” in the face of the proliferation of different spiritualities in Spain. In his letter, the archbishop starts from the premise … Read more

The Archbishop of Toledo launches the “Contemplative Diocesan House”


by redaccioninfovaticana | 25 October, 2022 The Archbishop of Toledo, Monsignor Francisco Cerro Chaves has announced the creation of what he calls “a permanent space and time for contemplation.” This place, similar to what could be understood as a monastery or a place of contemplative life, aims to be, in the words of the Archbishop, … Read more

Teresa of Jesus: Aim for the essential | Pastoral letter from the Archbishop of Seville (10


On October 15 we celebrate the feast of Saint Teresa of Jesus, mystic, reformer of Carmel and doctor of the Church. The story of this woman is exciting and begins with the birth of a girl from Ávila, Teresa de Cepeda y Ahumada, who came into the world on March 28, 1515 and left on … Read more

Letter from the Archbishop of Tarragona: «We are not retiring from living, nor from believing»


Estimated and estimated. For a long time I wanted to talk to you about the movement of older people called creixent life. She was born in France in 1952, sheltered from the meetings of a group of retirees who met to pray and reflect, in the light of the Gospel, on the situation of marginalization … Read more

Artemide Zatti, saint of everyday life. Archbishop Laxague (Viedma): “Even today people feel him ‘one of them'” | AgenSIR


A saint of everyday life, of the encounter with people and above all with the sick. A saint who has lived through some situations that make him contemporary to the sufferings of today: emigrant, from Italy to Argentina, engaged in the world of health, as a nurse and as the soul of the first hospital … Read more

Archbishop Staglianò remembers Archbishop Cataldo Naro on the 16th anniversary of his death


Last September 29, on the feast of the holy archangels, the sixteenth anniversary of his death, Msgr. Cataldo Naro, archbishop of Monrealeoriginally from San Cataldo (CL), whose body rests in the Mother Church of his city, was commemorated with a solemn Eucharistic Concelebration presided by Msgr. Antonio Staglianòbishop emeritus and apostolic administrator of Noto, recently … Read more

Letter from the Archbishop of Urgell: “Let us be hopeful evangelizers”


Like the sower in Jesus’ parable (cf. Matthew 13:2-9, Mark 4:1-9 and Luke 8:4-8), we must “go out to sow” the love of Jesus without complexes, with new ardor and hope. I bring you some distinctive features of those called to be apostles, missionaries and collaborators in the work of evangelization. The evangelizer must be … Read more

Synodality, spirituality, vocations: the program of the new archbishop of Paris


Archbishop Ulrich in the parvis of Notre Dame for his official installation at the helm of the archdiocese of ParisPhoto: Twitter @dioceseparis PARIS, May 25, 2022 / 2:00 PM (ACI Print) .- To develop a missionary spirit and a collaborative spirit, which is precisely the synodal spirit; pursue a spiritual journey; engage in vocations. In … Read more

Letter from the Archbishop of Urgell: «The liturgical formation of the People of God»


Pope Francis, on June 29 of this year, gave us the beautiful and profound Apostolic Letter «Desiderio desideravi»on the liturgical formation of the People of God with which he wants to “invite the entire Church to rediscover, safeguard and live the truth and strength of the Christian celebration” and asks that “the holy People of … Read more