“We need children. We need children.” Pope Francis’ speech to the families of the Forum of family associations

Share Tweets Share Whatsapp messengers Pope francesco: “take care of yourselves, as couples and as families! Take the necessary time for prayer, for dialogue between you spouses and with children, and for community life in the Church” On Friday 2 December, in the Clementine hall, Pope Francis received the members of the Forum of family … Read more

Francis: “Do not exclude people with disabilities”

On the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Pope Francis welcomed a group of people living with disabilities to the Vatican this Saturday, December 3. For the Holy Father, “it is not enough to defend people’s rights, we must also strive to meet their existential needs, in their different dimensions: bodily, psychic, … Read more

International Congress on Saint Francis de Sales

The International Congress on Saint Francis de Salesorganized by the Institute of Spiritual Theology of the Salesian Pontifical University (UPS) and with the title “Saint Francis de Sales between posterity, spirituality and pedagogy”, concluded in Rome (Italy) on Sunday, November 20. Some 200 participants, coming from four continents, gathered to reflect for three days on … Read more

“Deficiencies in management”, Pope Francis commissioner of Caritas Internationalis


from Gian Guido Vecchi The body that coordinates 162 charitable associations. Cardinal Tagle removed, in his place Pier Francesco Pinelli VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis has commissioned Caritas Internationalis, the body that coordinates 162 charitable associations around the world, to define a “revision of the current regulatory framework”, “improve” the mission at the service of … Read more

Pope Francis appoints commissioner to strengthen the service of Caritas International


The Holy Father has decreed to promote a process of renewal of the body dependent on the Vatican Curia, after verifying the need to especially strengthen the management of people. VaticanNews Through a decree of Pope Francis, published at noon this Tuesday, November 22, Caritas International (CI) is preparing for a temporary administration, to improve … Read more

Pope Francis meets with producers of film on Saint Andrew Kim


The biographical film “The Birth” has been produced on the occasion of the bicentennial of the birth of the first Korean Catholic priest martyred at the age of 25 in 1846. A preview of the work was presented this Wednesday at the Vatican. Andressa Collet and Sebastián Samson Ferrari – Vatican News Before the General … Read more

Pope Francis signs the “pact” with young people: “a new economy is not utopia”


Image from Economy of Francesco’s Facebook page On September 24, 2022, Pope Francis went to Assisi to meet the young economists, entrepreneurs and changemakers of Economy of Francesco who came from over 100 countries around the world for the third edition of the event, the first in attendance. Peace, care, service, protection, friendship, alliance, recognition, … Read more

The travels of Pope Francis told in the new film by Gianfranco Rosi


Presented as part of the latest Venice International Film Festival, Gianfranco Rosi’s “In viaggio” tells the nine years of Bergoglio’s pontificate through his travels around the world Traveling, by Gianfranco Rosi -STILL Maybe this documentary could have competed and maybe it could have won. In a historical moment marked by the possibility of a third … Read more

Pope Francis to seminarians: being in relationship with the world


Last Monday Pope Francis spoke with seminarians and priests studying in Rome, answering 10 questions out of 205 proposals, which concerned faith, ranging from the spiritual direction of young priests to the relationship between science and faith with a first question regarding direction spiritual: “Sometimes it is important to be accompanied by someone who knows … Read more

The colorful synod of synods, Pope Francis signs everything, the king of sex and the bodybuilding priest, the Orfeón Donostiarra in the Vatican.


by SPECOLA | 28 October, 2022 It’s Friday, we end the week with a lot of information and a wide variety of topics. It’s one of those days when making a short presentation seems like an impossible job. The Synod on synodality, now officially extended until 2024, has called for a “permanent update” in light … Read more