Sofía and Abraán do not connect in ‘First Dates’: “It was a job interview”

Abraán is from the country and Sofía is a woman from the city who goes to the country Sofia is afraid of motherhood and Abraán wants to have children to leave something of his own in this world Abraán is a professional athlete and restores old cars: “I have a few” Seeing him walk through … Read more

Marketing/Communications Campaigns Specialist | Jesuits of Canada | Job attic

If you are interested in the position, please apply by sending your CV and a personalized cover letter. The Jesuits of Canada is seeking an experienced, creative and energetic Marketing Campaign Specialist to assist in the planning and management of growth-oriented campaigns. Working out of Montreal or Toronto, the incumbent will be responsible for the … Read more

Entrevista a D. Francisco Roig, responsable del Proyecto Job

Entrevista a D. Francisco Roig, diácono permanente de la Diócesis de Segorbe-Castellón y responsable del Proyecto Job, programa de espiritualidad y adicción de Cáritas Diocesana Cuéntenos, ¿desde cuándo está en funcionamiento el Proyecto y cuál es su finalidad? Caritas, dentro de su acción caritativa y social, puso en marcha este proyecto en marzo de 2021. … Read more

“Caring for and planting the land is more than a job, it is a political act”


By: Laura Fontalba The Thursday evening, bizilur organized a discussion in which women from the UAWC, Union of Palestinian Agricultural Work Committees, participated; and the UNAC, National Union of Peasants of Mozambique. The event began with a mystique; a usual prayer to give way to all peasant life meetings, which symbolizes spirituality and the connection … Read more

The dream of finding a “normal” job in Spain: the story of Naomi, a survivor of trafficking in women


“Oh, Lord Father, may your name rise above all names and may it be glorified, because you deserve to be praised.” Sitting on the gray sofa in the living room of her apartment, the woman prays in English, in a low voice. Behind her, a large screen shows a man on top of a stage, … Read more

Circular economy in Lausanne – The new job center is taking shape in Beaulieu


– The new jobs center is taking shape in Beaulieu Impact Hub Lausanne is preparing to open its doors in the northern halls in the company of two reintegration players. Posted today at 10:34 a.m. Amanda Byrde, co-founder of Impact Hub Lausanne and Geneva, is settling in the north hall of Beaulieu with two reintegration … Read more

Carole Bouquet: “It was by doing my job that I learned to be a woman”


At 65, the actress, former muse of Chanel, has played in around fifty films since That Obscure Object of Desire, by Luis Buñuel (1977), and too beautiful for you (1989), by Bertrand Blier. In 2021, we found her in the series In therapy, on Arte. From September 15 to October 12, she will play Berenice, … Read more

Latin and American snacks that get the job done at Vanessa’s Coffee Shop | Review


For some people, life is nurtured by a special connection with some higher power. For others, that higher power is none other than coffee. For Vanessa Ortiz, in a way, it’s about both. Vanessa Ortiz Orozco, Puerto Rican businesswoman and owner of Vanessa’s Coffee Shop. (Supplied/Vanessa Ortiz Orozco) Ortiz fell in love at a Dunkin’ … Read more