Religious women reflect on the challenges of the migration phenomenon

The International Union of Superiors General (UISG) organized a meeting on migrants and refugees at its headquarters, located in the Eternal City. It is the second symposium in a cycle of dialogues linked to key issues for the future of societies. Mireia Bonilla and Sebastián Sansón – Vatican News Analyze the root causes of migration … Read more

Spazio Macos splits into three, solo exhibitions for women at the start

Saturday 21 January, at 5.30 pm, in the premises of the Spazio Macos art gallery, the vernissage of the first event of 2023 will be held, with three solo exhibitions scheduled: Essenza donna by Anna Rita Mattei, 25 works in video display; Innesti by Mariella Stirpe, 12 works in the gallery; Roots … Read more

The stubborn women of Maura Zamola who fought against the patriarchy

0 0 Maura Zamola, a degree in literature, a teacher in middle and high schools, a past as a feminist from the 1970s onwards, has been passionately practicing the profession of tourist guide in Umbria and Tuscia for many years. These experiences of hers have now merged into the book “Women stubborn. Italian women who … Read more

In territory: the realities of indigenous women | The Republic Journal

Walking the earth and meeting the faces tanned by the sun, the industrious hands and the serious look that hides a shine of joy when seeing visitors arrive, perhaps expected for a long time. The indigenous communities of the country are visited by the Ministry of Women, Diversity and Gender of the Nation thanks to … Read more

Women and happiness: the results of the Sòno Observatory are a surprise

LAre women in Italy happy today? More or less than in the past? And why ? The answers on the link between women and happiness today in Italy are obtained from data collected by I’man Aps, association for social promotionled by the sociologist and pollster Enrico Finziwhich in collaboration with the research institute AstraRicerca investigated … Read more

The explosive consequences of a conversation between women: Women Talking

Special for In Red The cinema transforms the most routine into something interesting. The day to day tends to be very boring. But as soon as a camera points towards that routine, the everyday acquires meaning, it becomes a visual narrative. I do not want to say that everything that a camera records is entertaining. … Read more

“Women Talking”: The cautious optimism of Sarah Polley

Presented in Toronto during a special screening two days before Christmas, Sarah Polley’s new film is also nominated for the Golden Globes. Interview with Canadian filmmaker… It had been 10 years since Sarah Polley had made a film, she had nevertheless broken this artistic silence in 2017 when she had written an open letter in … Read more

When the camera can’t turn away, these women force us to listen

It’s not every day that a film made up entirely of monologues is released, as is the case with Frederick Wiseman’s recent drama, “A couple,” which shines the spotlight on Sophia Tolstoy and her unhappy marriage to Leo Tolstoy. It wasn’t the only 2022 film to surprisingly use a monologue. In August, the curious psychological … Read more

Marc Dugain: “Honoré de Balzac was a feminist, I would be happy to see the current evolution of women”

One of the film proposals that arrive today in theaters is Eugénie Grandetthe screen adaptation of the homonymous work by Honoré de Balzac that he directs Marc Dugain and star Joséphine Japy and Olivier Gourmet. In it, the viewer enters the gloomy house of Felix Grandet, an authoritarian man who controls the lives of his … Read more