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If you are interested in the position, please apply by sending your CV and a personalized cover letter.

The Jesuits of Canada is seeking an experienced, creative and energetic Marketing Campaign Specialist to assist in the planning and management of growth-oriented campaigns. Working out of Montreal or Toronto, the incumbent will be responsible for the design, deployment, evaluation and optimization of programs, which will include online advertising, email marketing, social media, partnerships and other promotional efforts.

Reporting to the Director of Communications, the Marketing Campaigns Specialist will be primarily responsible for implementing third party marketing and partnership campaigns and will focus on growth, audience engagement and good administration. to support the mission of the Jesuits in Canada. She or he will be part of a dynamic team including a communication officer, a webmaster and a design specialist as well as freelancers and contract agents who help us on different projects.

This position is an opportunity to seize for a professional capable of appreciating the work of the Jesuits and their colleagues, and eager to discover and understand their mission. The successful candidate will have a basic understanding of the Catholic tradition and will be happy to play a role in developing the Jesuits’ commitment to faith and justice.

“Love must be put in actions more than in words. (Saint Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits)

what you will do
You will report to the Director of Communications. Your specific tasks will include, among others, the following functions:

  • Planning: Work closely with management and the rest of the communications team to plan integrated bilingual marketing programs to help the organization grow relationships and revenue.
  • Execution: Provide end-to-end coordination and execution of all integrated campaign deliverables, including deployment, evaluation and optimization.
  • Continue to develop our network of partners. Partners work with us to create and cross-promote campaigns.
  • Online channels used to promote campaigns include email, social media, paid media and online events. Offline channels include events, direct mail, a biannual magazine, and other tools.


  • Post-secondary education, such as obtaining a college diploma, as well as specialized technical/vocational training and/or certification, or the equivalent.
  • Experience with digital marketing and integrated communication campaigns.
  • Excellence in project coordination, clear two-way oral and written communication skills and proven interpersonal skills.
  • Good computer skills with good knowledge of Microsoft Office suite and WordPress. Familiarity with email campaign software.
  • Strong problem solving, troubleshooting and analytical skills.
  • Relationship management skills necessary to build strong collaborative relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ability to work confidently under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Team spirit, proactivity, spirit of initiative.
  • Bilingual (French and English)

The Jesuits of Canada offers equal opportunity and invites all qualified candidates to apply. Upon request, accommodations will be provided at any stage of the hiring process. Any candidate who requires accommodation during the interview process should contact us for any request for assistance or information.


  • Salary range: $50,000 to $60,000.
  • Competitive benefits
  • Hybrid work schedule (home/office)
  • Generous holiday policy

The Jesuits of Canada
The Jesuits are an order of Catholic priests and brothers, founded nearly 500 years ago. Today, thousands of Jesuits and lay collaborators work in Canada and around the world to promote truth, reconciliation and justice.

Our proven spiritual tradition inspires us to progress side by side in our unique spiritual journeys, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, identity, race, economic status, or faith. Our spirituality and retreat centers, parishes, colleges, universities, and social justice centers enable us to create welcoming and inclusive spaces that put faith into action for the common good.

Our work
The contemporary mission of the Society of Jesus is the service of faith and the promotion of the justice of the Gospel which embodies the love of God.

Our retreat and spirituality centers offer recognized methods to deepen the spiritual life in response to the call we have received to collaborate in Jesus’ project of hope, reconciliation and justice.

Our parishes, chaplaincies and other centers help nurture authentic relationships aimed at fostering a culture of inclusion, justice and solidarity.

Our educational initiatives develop people who are servants of others, open to growth, intellectually competent, spiritually/religiously mature, loving and committed to justice.

Our universities and social justice centers seek to understand reality in the light of the Gospel and the needs of all, and take a critical look at political, economic, cultural and religious structures.

We are committed to listening to and empowering victims of spiritual and sexual abuse or any form of systemic abuse in the Church and in society. In pursuit of truth and justice for survivors, we proactively engage with public authorities.

We journey with Indigenous peoples, LGBTQ+ people, refugees and migrants, women and people recovering from homelessness and addiction, living our mission to listen and defend the rights of all marginalized people .

We promote justice and reconciliation between people and with the planet in order to bring the radical love, mercy and justice of the gospel to the world today.

The communications office
The main objective of the Communications Office is to promote the mission of the Jesuits and to help develop their network of friends, donors and potential candidates. It accomplishes this mission through various communication efforts aimed at recruiting and mobilizing the network: webinars, newsletters, bi-annual magazine, online articles and live events.

Marketing/Communications Campaigns Specialist | Jesuits of Canada | Job attic