Tarot and Astrology: Which Tarot card represents the energy of Sagittarius?

On November 22 begins the Sagittarius seasona sign that will be influencing the energy that will be available and that will lead us to reaffirm our beingsee the brighter side of life, with a lot of optimism and expansion of who we are. Thus, It is a period of greater prosperity compared to the previous … Read more

How the new moon affects your life and YOUR RELATIONSHIPS in each house of astrology

You can plant the seeds of ideas, plans, and actions that you want to grow over the next few weeks until it grows into a bright and glorious full moon, which is the time for creativity and bringing those intentions to life. You can use that information to improve all aspects of your life. Each … Read more

Compatibility between Aquarius and Pisces: Does a pair of these zodiac signs work according to Astrology?


Years ago love and compatibility Come in Zodiac signs have been topics studied by Astrology, since with them we can understand relationships and their way of getting along. Today we’ll see how is a couple of an Aquarius person and another Pisces. The love compatibility, in this note, will be analyzed from chemistry, display of … Read more

Cancer, miscarriage and astrology… The secrets of Françoise Hardy


The singer, who was born on January 17, 1944 in Paris, spent her childhood alongside her mother, a bookkeeper and her younger sister. His father, who is the director of a calculating machine factory, leads a double life. The latter is married to another woman and is only rarely present with his daughter Françoise. This … Read more

Zodiacs and memes, a new centennial religion: “The Church has not known how to make good tiktoks but astrology has”


It is less popular, but astrology has never completely disappeared. In times of uncertainty, it reappears in the form of a compass or as a reference to popular culture that only needed the combination of humor and social networks to be reborn with popularity. “Yes, we centennials and millennials like me like astrology,” admits Charas … Read more

Astrology: what is your totem animal according to your astrological sign


Each of the twelve Zodiac signs has a totem animal. Like a spiritual guide, it is supposed to help us to know ourselves better and to better understand the world. It is also akin to a protective emblem. Here is yours according to your date of birth, according to the analyzes of the famous medium … Read more

Astrology from July 1 to 3, 2022: living to the rhythm of the moon

Our Ancients knew it empirically, and we now have a wealth of scientific evidence: the Moon exerts many influences on life on Earth. Tides, ornamental, fruit or vegetable plants, wild, farmed or pet animals… Nothing escapes the lunar influences. And neither do you! Find your lunar calendar, which will allow you to live in perfect … Read more

Astrology: the signs of the zodiac who will be very lucky during the year 2022, are you one of them?


Astrology is certainly not an exact science, but it can be useful in helping to make important decisions in life. In order to plan his new year for example, the horoscope can show great support. Moreover, during this year 2022, the sun will particularly shine for these three signs. Astrology, a help to face certain … Read more