IDB Lab analyzes the mental health of the Latin American startup ecosystem: severe burnout in 3 out of 10 entrepreneurs

The finding is part of his publication “The Invisible Factor”, an exploratory study based on interviews with a diverse group of founders, to understand and make visible the situation of well-being and mental health in the high-impact entrepreneurial ecosystem. Becoming a high-impact entrepreneur in Latin America demands great sacrifices. For the IDB Lab, being one … Read more

Evangelical religion: the American Trojan horse in Brazil?

In Brazil, the Evangelical religion of American origin and inspiration continues to grow in numbers, meanwhile there are fewer and fewer Catholics. And Washington takes notes. The hegemony L’hegemony it is a concept that has long been dormant in our public debate. Russian crawlers in the Donbass, however, and Chinese eyes set on Taiwan’s shores … Read more

American sap to irrigate the spirituality of Seville

Times change and now it is America that evangelizes Seville. Jacquelyne, Colombian, mother abbess of the Monastery of San Clemente, welcomed Sister Yelitza Lorena Cárdenas Briceño, a Venezuelan, into this almost thousand-year-old Cistercian order, in a ceremony that has not lost an iota of its solemnity in a building built in the 13th century and … Read more


In September, the Pew Research Center projected four possible futures of religion in the United States based on different rates of conversion to and disaffiliation with the nation’s religions. In three of the four projections, the percentage of the Christian population in the United States, which hovered around 90 percent in the 1970s and 1980s, … Read more

Contemplate a canon of American Jewish films

“Liberty Heights,” set shortly after, looks at another Jewish family, the Kurtzmans, but is less insular. It occasionally, awkwardly, explores a budding romance between their teenage son (Ben Foster) and a black classmate (Rebekah Johnson) at his newly integrated school, unpacking the different variations of discrimination they encounter and the intolerance of their families. . … Read more

American Psychological Association Honors Filipino Adventist Psychologist for First Time Adventist News

December 1, 2022 | Edward Rodríguez | DSS | Adventist World The American Psychological Association (APA) awarded its Citizen Psychologist Award to professor and researcher Rhalf Jayson F. Guanco, of the Adventist University of the Philippines. Guanco received the award in August 2022 in Minneapolis, United States, according to an announcement from the Society for … Read more

Three historical routes to discover the deep American footprints of Madrid

The Community of Madrid has a long and enriching history shared with the American continent, forged over centuries of movement of people, knowledge and goods from the other side of the Atlantic. This constant back and forth flow is essential to achieve a rich and complex understanding of the current configuration of the region. But … Read more

10 movies and TV shows to celebrate Native American Heritage Month

During this time of changing leaves, preparing for Thanksgiving, and preparing for football season, another November celebration cannot be forgotten: Native American Heritage Month. It was on August 3, 1990 that President George H. W. Bush declared November Native American Heritage Recognition Month. RELATED: Sacheen Littlefeather, Native American actress and activist, dead at 75 To … Read more

Critical writer Clarice Lispector was not considered part of the Latin American literature boom

EL NUEVO DIARIO, SANTO DOMINGO.-The writer Lissette Vega de Purcell assured that the Brazilian Clarice Lispector is one of the greatest female writers of the 20th century and criticized that she was not considered part of the boom Latin American literature, together with Mario Vargas Llosa, Gabriel García Márquez, Julio Cortázar. When giving the conference … Read more