Editorial Sirio launches the first Spanish edition of the Italian bestseller ‘The Monk Who Loved Cats’

SEVILLE/MADRID, 27 (EUROPA PRESS) The book ‘The monk who loved cats’, by Corrado Debiase, has reached the Spanish book market for the first time by Editorial Sirio. The original version published in 2020 by Sperling & Kupfer, one of the most important labels of the Mondadori Group in Italy, was a true sales phenomenon in … Read more

Expand your spiritual awareness with these Netflix productions

The covid-19 pandemic and the confinement to prevent its spread spread fear to the entire world, but it also gave humanity time to analyze what is really important and the opportunity to rethink beliefs to make way for a new consciousness. Netflix had its share of responsibility, because on its grill it has productions that … Read more

Sánchez Adalid nos transporta a la Roma nazi: «Los judíos se salvaron escondidos por la Iglesia»

En 2019, el sacerdote y novelista extremeño Jesús Sánchez Adalid (El mozárabe, La tierra sin mal, Las armas de la luz) recibió un e-mail desde el hospital de los Hermanos de San Juan de Dios en la Isla Tiberina, en Roma. Le contaba una historia real que relacionaba a estos religiosos, la ocupación nazi y … Read more

Qué ver y hacer hoy en Pamplona y Navarra

MÚSICA Concierto acústico ‘Canciones al oído’. Civivox Condestable. 12 h. Porque el próximo 21 de marzo se celebra el Día Mundial de la Poesía y el 27, el Día Mundial del Teatro. En este tiempo en el que la incertidumbre nos golpea se hace más necesario que nunca buscar la cercanía a través del arte … Read more

Culture in Pinar del Río at the center of society

Sincere, transparent and fraternal can be classified the dialogue held between the members of Uneac and the candidates for deputies to the National Assembly of People’s Power for the municipality of Pinar del Río. An exchange in which collective construction for a better province and country was the starting point. The presence of Abel Prieto, … Read more

Colombia a nation of hope that has survived the social impacts | Sort Newspaper

WITHIN THE TYRANNIC ARGUMENTS OF WEAK GOVERNANCES We live with always being right in the face of the truth of others and in the face of being scattered in error. Change must always begin for each one, socializing coexistence, rebellion, resistance and resilient struggle as a journey to transform the nation so that ours in … Read more

A moving play takes the Camino de Santiago to Las Canteras

‘¡Buen Camino!’, an idea by the company Anda que Anda under the direction of Sven Erik Ellund, seeks to surprise and amuse the public by addressing current issues Presentation of the play “Buen camino” The open and moving work’Good way‘ will traverse the environment of the Las Canteras beach of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, … Read more

With a feline, rebellious and critical spirit, Amandititita returns to Vive Latino 2023

After five years of not singing and playing in Mexico City, the iconic and singular Amandititita returns to participate in the great, heterogeneous and eclectic Vive Latino 2023. On this occasion, she returns with a feline, rebellious, critical spirit, and with the humor and irony that have always characterized his lyrics, with a concert during … Read more

Maduro’s economic model is much older than sanctions and the oil blockade

Maduro’s economic model has not only been economic; It implied, from the beginning, political changes and social conduct, that is, changes in the spirituality of the Chavista masses, in the mass that now serves as the electoral base for Maduro and Madurismo. With Chávez dead, flirting with businessmen and cheating with the cheap dollar, the … Read more