Marketing/Communications Campaigns Specialist | Jesuits of Canada | Job attic

If you are interested in the position, please apply by sending your CV and a personalized cover letter. The Jesuits of Canada is seeking an experienced, creative and energetic Marketing Campaign Specialist to assist in the planning and management of growth-oriented campaigns. Working out of Montreal or Toronto, the incumbent will be responsible for the … Read more

´Propulsors of the Baroque: The Jesuits in New Spain´

The researcher Emilia Recéndez gave a conference at the Museum of Guadalupe Zacatecas, Zac.- Within the framework of the 21st Baroque Festival of Guadalupe, Zacatecas, the Museum of Guadalupe in coordination with the Academic Unit of Humanities Studies of the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ), held the conference entitled ” Propellers of the Baroque: The … Read more

The cultural influence of the Jesuits in the city (1540

Interior of the church of the former school of the Society of Jesus of Segovia. Photography by Rubén Pascual López. On October 14, the “Hontanar” Culture Classroom resumes its “training” proposal, and gradually recovers the activities that were interrupted during the pandemic. Among the novelties that await us for this course we find the space … Read more

Outrage over the martyrdom of the Jesuits murdered in the Tarahumara

Pain, rage, helplessness and disbelief have caused the murder of two Jesuits in the Sierra Tarahumara. It is not enough to resign ourselves to admitting that the priests were affected by the violence of the region and the country. “It was their turn” like so many other Mexicans who have lost their lives in this … Read more

The Jesuits of Tarahumara, faithful to mystery and justice


In memory of Javier Campos, SJ and Joaquín Mora, SJ This Monday, the prayer of Ignatius of Loyola, who inherited the Jesuits, was fulfilled in an atrocious and painful way: “Put me with your son” (with Jesus on the cross, in self-sacrifice, at the moment of abandonment and mystery, walking to the side of the … Read more