Between Dream and Imagination (Litterary Meditations review, n° 6)

Call for papers for No. 6 of Literary Meditations Between Dream and Imagination Both exciting and complex, the dream and the imagination are two closely related concepts, sharing several common denominators. Dreaming refers to an altered state of consciousness that occurs during sleep, while imagination refers to the mental ability to create images, sounds, ideas, … Read more

Nine Days in Review: A Valuable Lesson in Life Through Death

In several of the early sequences of nine daysavailable on Apple TV+, the camera pans across what appears to be an endless desert. In the center is an old log cabin. There is nothing else to indicate a human presence or the possibility of such a presence. Little by little, history will show that this … Read more

Review: The most useless seagull in the world

08/30/2022 – In his documentary, Giuseppe Lanno meets the Sicilian painter Igor Scalisi Palminteri and has a long conversation with him about life, art and freedom Igor Scalisi Palminteri in The most useless seagull in the world Directed by Joseph Lanno and presented in world premiere during the fifth edition of Not Film Fest of … Read more

Criticism | Review of ‘The Miracle of Father Stu’

The reviews of Daniel Farriol:The Miracle of Father Stu The miracle of Father Stu (Father Stu) is an American drama written and directed by rosalind ross that tells a true story about Stuart Long, a boxer-turned-priest who inspired countless people during his journey from self-destruction to redemption. It stars Mark Wahlberg (Spenser: Classified, Oil Slick), … Read more

Hamaguchi Ryusuke Collection: Box Review | Home Videos | msd extension

Review of the Hamaguchi Ryusuke Collection box, on home video from December 1, 2022. The cover of the Hamaguchi Ryusuke Collection. PRODUCT SHEET DIRECTOR: Ryusuke HamaguchiTITLES INCLUDED: Drive My Car, Happy Hour, Game of Destiny and FantasyDURATION: 179 mins, 317 mins, 121 minsHOME VIDEO RELEASE DATE: December 1, 2022HOME VIDEO DISTRIBUTION: CG Entertainment REVIEW HAPPY … Read more

Close: review of the film by Lukas Dhont

A splendid and intimate bond between two young people, which society tries to undo. Close, directed by Lukas Dhont, arrives in Italian cinemas on January 4, 2023. That of Lukas Dhont, a risky but not entirely out of place synthesis, is a cinema of liberation, the liberation of identities suffocated by external conditioning and (internal) … Read more

M3GAN: Review of James Wan’s Moron Chucky

Want more time The piss-cold may see a sumptuous nanar there, Malignant touched on the second ideal that the studios are trying in vain to achieve with a lot of invading neon lights and pseudo-cool replicas. By financing under the noses of the Hollywood cadors (thanks to its influence and its Atomic Monster structure) a … Read more

Blessed are you, the review of the film available on Sky and Now

It is available exclusively on Sky Cinema and streaming on NOW, the new Sky Original comedy produced for Sky by Cinemaundici and Vision Distribution which deals with the delicate theme of motherhood and free choice with light but not banal tones Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on entertainment news deepening Blessed are you, … Read more

Nanny, review of the movie Prime Video with Anna Diop

We have seen Nannythe debut film by Nikyatu Jusu starring Anna Diopavailable at Prime Videos. This is the review. World premiere at Sundance Film Festival last year, winning among other things the Grand Jury Prizethe horror of Jusu was achieved through the interesting initiatives IFP Project Forum and Sundance Directors and Screenwriters Labs. In the … Read more