Abandona el monasterio y lo da todo en First Dates: “¿De tu boca?”

‘First Dates’ suele dejarnos momentos de lo más peculiares y extraños, al menos en ciertas ocasiones. Aunque el objetivo del programa es que los participantes encuentren el amor, no siempre se cumple. El programa está presentado por Carlos Sobera. Se estrenó en 2016, y tanto ha sido su éxito que ha sido proclamado como un programa de referencia de Cuatro. Los espectadores … Read more

The ten dates that have inscribed Thérèse of Lisieux in the hearts of the faithful all over the world

150 years after her birth, celebrated on January 2, 2022, Thérèse of Lisieux, the most famous saint of modern times, is celebrated by Christians around the world. Here are the ten key dates that have definitely inscribed little Thérèse in the hearts of the faithful. Do you know that Aleteia lives only thanks to the … Read more

How to keep the Christmas spirit alive on these dates?

DRAFTING. The last weeks of December are festive dates loaded with spirituality for millions of people. Not only for the celebration of the New Year, Christmas Eve and the balances that are usually made with the personal journey of the 12 months that have elapsed. Also by the convocation of the spirit of the Christmasa … Read more

Sofía and Abraán do not connect in ‘First Dates’: “It was a job interview”

Abraán is from the country and Sofía is a woman from the city who goes to the country Sofia is afraid of motherhood and Abraán wants to have children to leave something of his own in this world Abraán is a professional athlete and restores old cars: “I have a few” Seeing him walk through … Read more

Three dates in the province of Alessandria for the Jelin opera: in Valenza, Casale and Tortona

“Jelin”, the opera by the Alessandrian composer Aldo Brizzi, is back in the provinces, author (with the collaboration of Bruno Masi) also of the libretto for which he was inspired by the Gelindo of the Capuchin friars of Alessandria, also loved so much by Umberto Eco. However, changing the names of the characters, thinking of … Read more

Astrological signs: dates, elements and characters

The practice of traditional astrology goes back several millennia, from Greece to ancient Egypt, via Mesopotamia. The construction of horoscopes was used to follow the movements of astral bodies, which, according to astrology experts, predicts future events. The astrology chart is based on the constellations of the zodiacal belt and contains twelve astrological signs. The … Read more

Full and New Moon: the dates of the most energetic lunar phases until the end of the year and their influence on each zodiac sign

The Moon charges us with strength, beauty, magic and spirituality. And as if this were not enough, it also predisposes us to love. Why waste it? The same thought the Celts whose life was based on nature and lunar cycles. For them, the forest was their laboratory and the Moon represented the feminine aspect of … Read more

Theater Festival Les Trois coups show in Beblenheim, Salle des fêtes: tickets, reservations, dates

© reber Friday 11 November 5 p.m. – Salle des Fêtes Beblenheim“At sea” by Slavomir Mrozek Cistern TheaterDirected by: Igor UiboWith: Michèle Fulgoni, Michèle Martin, Astrid Pérille, François Pepos. A ship has sunk. Three survivors on a raft. The provisions they were able to save are exhausted. How not to starve while waiting for a … Read more