In the woman and the bird, Isabelle Sorente moves us on the fate of the “Despite us”.

A fascinating old man, a young woman, a teenager find themselves at the edge of the Vosges forest. The Woman and the Bird is both an initiatory novel, a historical narrative, a poetic and philosophical text. A Magical Great Uncle “The bird was there. Just behind the window. Its beak tapped against the glass. Thomas, … Read more

Big Brother 2022: Laura Ubfal and “Coti” starred in a spicy crossover and the young woman went viral

There is no doubt that in recent years one of the drivers who has given the most talk has been Viviana Canosa, either for his explosive reports or for his opinions regarding Argentine politics. His abrupt departure from A24 He also placed her at the center of the media debate and after several months managed … Read more

Kasia Smutniak: “A woman prime minister? Yes, if she is inclusive”

Qhen we meet it is one of those days that powerfully anticipates the sensations of autumn: Kasia Smutniak shows up with an herbal tea in handthe casual weekend look at his country house outside Rome, her natural face and long brown hair worn loose over her shoulders. Different from the blond foliage, and a little … Read more

Charlene of Monaco under the influence? This mysterious woman who surrounds him in the shadows

Charlene of Monaco has never hidden his attraction to spirituality. The wife of Prince Albert of Monacowhich has recently been received by Pope Francis at the Vatican, prays regularly and enjoys going to church. “She found faith. faith saved her. She converted to Catholicism by her marriage, it was not part of her genes, nor … Read more

When “the perfect man” is a woman: Saida Manoubia

The surprisingly “modern” story of Lalla Manoubia, a Saida, a 13th century Tunisian saint. Her actions made her famous and of an undeniable moral quality, but still make her the embodiment of a certain counter-power: she prolongs in her career the revolt against the symbol of patriarchal authority. Its antagonism vis-à-vis the public authorities is … Read more

10 Ways for a Muslim Woman to Earn Halal Money in Affiliation FinSMEs

Many Muslim women are looking for legit and halal ways to earn money online. Affiliate is one of the best methods for women who want to earn money online in a legit and halal way. In this article, we will therefore see how a Muslim woman can earn halal money through affiliation. 1. Become a … Read more

Sarah Polley, woman of speech and cinema

In a hayloft, a group of women have secretly gathered to make a crucial decision. Indeed, for years in their Mennonite community, women, teenagers and little girls have been drugged and assaulted at night. The infamy having been discovered by a handful of them, the culprits were arrested. Solidarity before the indefensible, the other men … Read more

The Pope: “I have already signed my resignation to be used in case of illness”. Then the announcement: “Within two years, a woman will head a dicastery”. And on Ratzinger: “A saint, a man of high spirituality”

VATICAN CITY. Francis has already prepared his resignation from the pontificate in the event of a medical impediment. I have already signed my resignation. Tarcisio Bertone was the Secretary of State. I signed them and told him: “In case of impediment for medical reasons or whatever, here is my resignation. You already have them.” I … Read more

Letera33 jewels: an interview with the founder Barbara Cancelli | iO Woman

TOcraftsmanship, knowledge, symbology And numerology. The world that lies behind the jewelry brand Letter33 it is magnetic, captivating. Barbara Cancelli, founder and creative mind, has been nourished by art and knowledge since she was very young, ranging from graphics to design, up to fashion and advertising. You train at the iconic Milanese address of Studio … Read more

Who was really Santa Chiara? Director Nicchiarelli sheds light on the power of a symbolic woman

Saint Clare is a very modern female model that speaks of an immense inner strength capable of giving substance to dreams. You represent the radical figure who, in a very rigid medieval society, does not hesitate to leave everything behind for the sake of an ideal, in this case the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thus … Read more