Critical writer Clarice Lispector was not considered part of the Latin American literature boom

EL NUEVO DIARIO, SANTO DOMINGO.-The writer Lissette Vega de Purcell assured that the Brazilian Clarice Lispector is one of the greatest female writers of the 20th century and criticized that she was not considered part of the boom Latin American literature, together with Mario Vargas Llosa, Gabriel García Márquez, Julio Cortázar. When giving the conference … Read more

“The Exorcism of God”: the highest grossing Latin American horror film of the year

On October 17, a film about the satanic possession of Christ received the ShowEast 2022 Box Office Award in Latin America in Miami. Rafael Tonatiuh spoke with the Venezuelan director and the Mexican producer. Rafael Tonatiuh (RT): Alejandro Hidalgo, Comscore awarded your film “The Exorcism of God” for raising 5.8 million dollars. Before talking about … Read more

Mass in Latin, pedophilia scandals… The building sites of the new bishop of Grenoble, Monsignor Eychenne

Bishop Jean-Marc Eychenne took up his duties as new bishop of Grenoble-Vienne , replacing Guy de Kérimel, who left for Toulouse. The monk, former bishop of Pamiers in the Ariège, will have several hot issues to manage: the consequences of the Louis Ribes affair, requests for Masses in Latin from traditionalist Catholics, etc… France Bleu … Read more

New stories full of mystery return with ‘Inexplicable Latin America’

This October 9, at 9:55 pm, (Colombia time) the second season of Inexplicable Latin America premieres on the channel History. This is a program that presents several episodes in which mysteries and enigmas from different places in this region are addressed, such as those of sorcerers, warlocks and shamans, cases of ghosts and cursed dolls, … Read more

Why does actor Shia LaBeouf love the Latin Mass?


In a long interview conducted by the American bishop Mgr Robert Barron, the actor Shia LaBeouf, just converted and who plays Padre Pio in a biopic in theaters in the United States this Friday, September 9, notably confided his interest… for the Latin Mass. The famous American actor Shia LaBeouf recently made the headlines by … Read more

Cinelatino is back with new films that explore personal events and contradictions in Latin America


L’Latin America with its contradictions, its history, its changing landscapes and the struggle for more dignified economic survival. This is the continent shown through the new Cinelatino film cycle, a review that begins at Exterior Night the 7 Septemberee continues all‘Auditorium in Piazza della Libertà on 8 and 9 September. Five events that close the … Read more

Actor Shia LaBeouf: From Hollywood Sets and Indiana Jones to Latin Mass!


Shia LaBeouf (Image via Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images) If the cinema, like advertising, has become an integral part of authorized propaganda, it can sometimes reveal certain good surprises. From Hollywood nanars to those more intellectuals of the Cannes festival, from the climb of the steps on the Croisette to those of paradise, the ways of the Lord … Read more

Latin and American snacks that get the job done at Vanessa’s Coffee Shop | Review


For some people, life is nurtured by a special connection with some higher power. For others, that higher power is none other than coffee. For Vanessa Ortiz, in a way, it’s about both. Vanessa Ortiz Orozco, Puerto Rican businesswoman and owner of Vanessa’s Coffee Shop. (Supplied/Vanessa Ortiz Orozco) Ortiz fell in love at a Dunkin’ … Read more

The siege of democracy in Latin America is not new


The siege of democracy in Latin America is not new • The workshops of the XXXIII Latin American Congress of Sociology ALAS Mexico 2022 continue As part of the work of the XXXIII Latin American Congress of Sociology ALAS Mexico 2022. The (Re) Construction of the Social in Times of Pandemics and Post-pandemics: Critical Contributions … Read more