Sofía and Abraán do not connect in ‘First Dates’: “It was a job interview”

Abraán is from the country and Sofía is a woman from the city who goes to the country Sofia is afraid of motherhood and Abraán wants to have children to leave something of his own in this world Abraán is a professional athlete and restores old cars: “I have a few” Seeing him walk through … Read more

Samantha Morton: “I connect with Catalina because I have had a very complex childhood”

By Maria Estevez September 08, 2022 at 01:15 a.m. We’re transported to 16th century France with the riveting new drama ‘The Serpent Queen,’ premiering on Starz. This ambitious and exuberant production explores the life of one of the most fascinating queens of all time, Catherine de’ Medici. From her humble origin story to her long … Read more

Play to connect, coexist and build ourselves in peace

Currently there is a revaluation of the ludic as an adequate pedagogical tool in formal and non-formal education, educators and educators include the game in their proposalswith different uses depending on the themes and objectives pursued. Working on education for peace in educational spaces goes beyond content: it implies looking at, attending to, and working … Read more