Survival, biological crisis and robotic identity demand a reasonable price in Eastern Europe

New political actors are emerging in the globalized world who seek to radicalize in a short period of time to confront widespread political corruption and, secondly, to terminate the second cycle of the great phase corresponding to the last unleashed pandemic that will go against those vaccinated who have very specific pathologies. It is a … Read more

On the path of balance: identity, unity and participation

The analysis of the original peoples deserves a systematic, comprehensive and exalting treatment because our identity is in them, assured the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, during the final session of the V International Conference For the balance of the … Read more

“What kind of identity? Notes relating to gender “. Meeting with Don Alberto Frigerio

GROSSETO – “The ideology of gender is dangerous, because it is abstract with respect to the concrete life of a person, as if a person could decide abstractly at will whether and when to be a man or a woman ”. Like this Pope francesco he answered a question from one of his confreres, in … Read more

Multicultural voices in the development of our identity

The Premagallania media outlet, focused on disseminating the heritage of the country’s native cultures, has concluded a project financed by the Media Fund of the Ministry General Secretariat of Government that had the objective of disseminating the cultural diversity of Chile, highlighting the work of actors and actresses from the indigenous world as well as … Read more

Tarik Yildiz: “Religion is reappearing today to fill an identity void”

FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE – Pap Ndiaye confirmed on September 30 an increase in reports of attacks on secularism in schools. For the sociologist, the development of religion and its sometimes conflicting manifestations is part of a broader framework. Tarik Yildiz is a sociologist and essayist, author of anti-white racism. Do not talk about it, a denial of … Read more

The identity obsession of the right and the left, by Carlos Granés

It is enough to have a little memory to verify that in the last twenty years certain theoretical innovations, radicalisms and activisms of the left they have ended up serving their enemies on the right. Anyone who remembers the anti-globalization fury that somatized the most active leftism of the late 1990s will be able to … Read more

Madonna della Consolazione of Reggio Calabria, Mancuso: “Event of identity and spirituality”

Reads in: 2 minutes Cult and tradition The President of the Regional Council will pay homage to the sacred image during the passage of the “Vara” in front of Palazzo Campanella Published on: 09/09/2022 – 14:51 REGGIO CALABRIA “It is an extraordinary moment of unity and identity around which the prayers and passions of the … Read more

identity keys

The tragic accidents that have occurred in recent months—such as the one at the Hotel Saratoga and the one at the supertanker base in Matanzas—incite us to reflect on what we are, that is, to delve into the complex network of factors that have shaped the profile of our identity, inscribed in the intangible realm … Read more

Adam, Moroccan who grew up in Italy: “We affirm our sexual identity here also for fellow countrymen who cannot do so”

In life there is a right time for everything, coming out included. That of Adam, 23, born in Morocco, arrived at a very young age in Italy and raised in a northern city, has not yet arrived. Determined and pragmatic spirit, after his studies and the diploma he found a job and although he still … Read more