“The power of the loincloth”, the power of women, in Mali and in the world

“Tafe Fanga? The power of the loincloth? recounts with a smile of wisdom the struggle of women for their rights. ” We are like you, join us to lead the fight ! » This maddened and Malian piece, written by Jeanne Diama and directed by Assitan Tangara, was a triumph at the Francophonies in Limoges, … Read more

France 3 stops the series “Perfect crimes” and “Pray to investigate”


Changes in sight in the fiction line-up of France Télévisions. In a river interview given yesterday to “Allocinated”*, Anne Holmes, director of programs for France Télévisions, announced the end of production of the successful series “Prière d’Enquêter” and “Crimes parfaits”. Read also Series Success of “Mongeville” on C8: TMC in turn offers itself a series … Read more

Charlotte de Turckeim: “in my family, the women are intense and committed!”


Paris here : Moved to be ordained honorary citizen of the Alsatian town of Turckheim? Charlotte of Turckheim : I am extremely touched. It is a strong symbol for me, the testimony of a friendship that has lasted for 25 years. Because despite my Alsatian origins, I have no ancestors in Turckheim. People think it’s … Read more

Uyghurs victims of massive spying on their smartphones


A lengthy investigation by cybersecurity researchers uncovers a cyber espionage campaign targeting the oppressed Uyghur community in China. Hackers have been trapping and monitoring smartphones for over seven years. Uyghurs, oppressed by Beijing, watched by hackers. An important report was published on September 22 by cyber researchers at Check Point Research, detailing a hacking campaign … Read more

Astro: do you live in the right city according to your astrological sign?


In France or abroad… in which city should you live according to your astrological sign? We tell you everything about the places of life that really suit you! From the strongest of the signs to the least appreciated, the twelve signs of the zodiac all have very different characters. Some will love the calm of … Read more

Alongside the great saints of Carmel, this couple found their way


They were raised in distinct spiritualities, Jeanne-Marie within a classical Catholic family, while that of Olivier was of Protestant origin. The spouses also have different characters, she a whimsical artist, he a more introverted entrepreneur. It was gradually during their fifty years of living together that they had the desire to root their marriage “at … Read more

D’où vient le modernisme ? 2


Nous nous penchons, dans ce second article dédié au modernisme, sur l’usage ou l’absence d’ornementations et sur ce que ce choix symbolise pour l’homme “moderne” qui souhaite changer la société et l’ordre des choses. En dézoomant sur les origines du mouvement moderniste, cette série d’articles permet de poser un contexte global autour de l’art, la … Read more