Survival, biological crisis and robotic identity demand a reasonable price in Eastern Europe

New political actors are emerging in the globalized world who seek to radicalize in a short period of time to confront widespread political corruption and, secondly, to terminate the second cycle of the great phase corresponding to the last unleashed pandemic that will go against those vaccinated who have very specific pathologies. It is a Third World frontal struggle for the hegemony of binding power to alliances made by the fundamental parties of the world that seek the development of their capitalist investments, bearing in mind the neocolonial State and the legitimacy of their governments. Multipolarity is falling and we visualize the bipolar between only two economic blocs, the US and the Chinese together with the countries of East Asia and the Indo-Pacific.

Just look at the current leadership and every international political event during this decade. Above all, the intellectual and those who manage the pharmaceutical laboratories that control and direct the entire human conglomerate and whose project is to reduce the population, putting into effect the processing of food to domesticate in order to easily tame the conscience of citizens. The discursive repertoire of the populists includes a set of sanitary measures that serve to counteract migratory movements between borders.

The global political process implies going beyond the institutional format of democracy, it is a spectrum that has been used since the time of Bill Jefferson Clinton, with a detachment from North American development in terms of its spirituality and, to the Baptist tradition of some Presidents taught in Sunday School at these Assemblies by theological leaders of the same. I have been advancing, there are three, (3), thousand articles in two years that I must present to the reader to fully enter into an analogy between the global event and the profile of God, (Jhesua) in antiquity and in this new Covenant of his Son with man.

At this moment, the leaders have a messianic value, where disturbing traits stand out that defy the scope of history itself and, they have approached religious and charismatic denominations to light “the bonfires” of the world to come, there are counterweights of spiritual responsibility , turns out to be dense and heavy, hence its spiritual intelligence is completely confused.

The historical Jesus has been thrown aside, where Faith has various interpretations, depending on what is written. The orthodox and liberals forget that the primitive Church is the same, according to the ages and, as the Faith in saved men spreads, a Provincial Assembly must be founded by sectors of a congregational character, it is not a matter of salvation. It is obligatory to settle the Biblical doctrine and, to understand the meaning of The Lord’s Supper through that same history divided into dispensations, is like a central tool of the same history.

Noam Chomsky, spoke a few words, “The postwar years have brought a politicization from the universities to anti-insurrectionary technology, we have forgotten about science and Scientific Studies that gives us a clear doctrine about ignorance and imbecility. We must protect Americans from Marxist arguments that is a controversial ideology that by nature is destined to reorient the spiritual issue.”

For several decades, attempts have been made to deconstruct traditional socioeconomic structures and since World War II, the perversities have caused a devastation of morality and values ​​among similar communities.

We are among the Nixon doctrine that exposes everything to reduce it to the nuclear threshold, an ideal implemented by Dr. Henry Kissinger as Chancellor of Richard Nixon and, on the other, the deployment given by Bill Jefferson and his wife Hillary Clinton, in turn Barak Obama and Joseph Biden. It’s a thread for survival because they disconnected from Joshua.

Meanwhile, the world in which we exist has other purposes. He will pass away in the future time consumed in the fire of his own judgments and burning passions, and from his ashes a new and young world will rise, filled with a single fresh hope. and beloved, the one idealized by King Solomon.

It is a matter of logic, 2023 towards the awakening dawn will be of conflicts and pandemics. It will not be enough to stop the arms race, it will be a problem of survival, World War I and II continue their course for the victims of oppression and humanity as a whole, on the other side, the constant threats of a Third War at the nuclear level, but, they will only be threats , the judgments on the earth are already written and, only society will be the object of biological experimentation, its genetics will be a testimony of future refugees and migrants, who seek a non-existent hope. The news is already being spread and Elon Musk is already in dialogue with Pope Francis, the Vatican as a State is preparing to govern the earth.

Having achieved independence, Venezuela has not developed its economy and the appropriate social model. We have lost strength in our international relations and few have been the advantages of financial consortiums. It is necessary to leave the individualistic positions.

Survival, biological crisis and robotic identity demand a reasonable price in Eastern Europe