On the path of balance: identity, unity and participation

The analysis of the original peoples deserves a systematic, comprehensive and exalting treatment because our identity is in them, assured the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, during the final session of the V International Conference For the balance of the world.

Said intervention was facilitated by the magisterial conference The return to the path of balance, by David Choquehuanca, vice president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, who stressed that the original peoples have never adapted to the world of imbalance and divisionism.

«We resist colonization without stopping singing, weaving, dancing, dreaming, sowing and harvesting; We have not stopped lighting the fire and connecting with the force that vibrates in the great matrix of life,” said Choquehuanca.

Only by accepting its roots will humanity be free; denying herself will continue to be dominated, the speaker said. The time has come to return to human identity and return to the path of brotherhood and unity between the individual and the collective, between the south and the north, between the east and the west, he said.

He explained that through dialogue contradictions are found and through consensus confrontation disappears. Dialogue and consensus naturally activate the force of complementarity within people and in the community, creating balance and harmony.

«With the monopoly on the truth, it has only been possible to privatize the production of knowledge and socialize ignorance. At the moment in which each individual and each community will put their particular talent and capacity into operation, the monopoly will truly come to an end”, reflected the Bolivian vice president.

For his part, Díaz-Canel added that there can be no balance in the world if we do not face the entire platform of cultural colonization that the empire is trying to impose. In this event, the essentials of unity to balance contemporary society and the urgency of doing so from a Latin American and Caribbean perspective have been ratified, he added.

He referred to the need for any integration forum not to become just a work session where there are speeches by the leaders of the countries. “First of all, we must ensure that we arrive at these events from the base, and within these bases, we have to arrive from the original peoples and that the peoples are increasingly represented,” he reflected.

Likewise, he called for these conferences to be preceded by a debate and popular participation with the presence of social movements.

He insisted that it is necessary to give the voice, the space, the vote to the representatives of the original peoples, to the young people and women of Latin America and the Caribbean.

“If we integrate all that history, that wisdom, that culture and that spirituality and we take it to an expression of participation, we will be achieving the true Latin American integration and the true unity that we need in our times,” concluded the Cuban President.

On the path of balance: identity, unity and participation