Homenaje al maestro: Carlos Matus Romo. Ruptura de paradigmas. El verdadero Poder. Planificación Estratégica Situacional: PES (parte I)

A continuación aportamos el primer artículo de una eventual serie, de variadas reflexiones y propuestas, que publicaremos en homenaje al Dr. Carlos Matus Romo quien hoy estuviera cumpliendo 91 años de edad. Es parte de nuestra modesta contribución a la necesaria reflexión colectiva sobre el tema de la Planificación y el Control de Gestión, como … Read more

Juan Carlos Ramchandani illuminates Diwali with wisdom

Full to the brim in the hindu temple. The conference ‘Take me from darkness to light’ by Juan Carlos Ramchandani (Pandit Krishna Kripa Dasa) was one of the central acts of the Diwali 2022 in Ceuta and has not disappointed. The Hindu priest, a personality from the autonomous city, has brought together audiences of all … Read more

PHOTOS: These are the key jewels in the coronation of King Carlos III


LONDON ENGLAND.- Symbols of power and spirituality, the British Crown Jewels, carefully guarded in the Tower of London, will leave the famous monument to be used during the coronation of the King Charles III. The coronation ceremony of Carlos III, proclaimed king in September after the death of his mother Elizabeth II, the May 6 … Read more

Coronation of King Carlos III will be on May 6


London. The coronation ceremony of Charles III, proclaimed king in September after the death of his mother Elizabeth II, will take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey in London and will seek to combine tradition and modernity. Charles, 73, will be “anointed, blessed and consecrated” by the Archbishop of Canterbury, who will lead the … Read more

The identity obsession of the right and the left, by Carlos Granés


It is enough to have a little memory to verify that in the last twenty years certain theoretical innovations, radicalisms and activisms of the left they have ended up serving their enemies on the right. Anyone who remembers the anti-globalization fury that somatized the most active leftism of the late 1990s will be able to … Read more

Carlos III, the King “defender of the faith” in an increasingly Muslim United Kingdom


In a hushed atmosphere, a dozen Muslims of all ages waited to sign a book of condolences for the Queen isabel II during a interdenominational ceremony organized in the great mosque Baitul Futuhin the south of London. “I am a first generation Muslim in this country” and “here we can practice our faith under the … Read more

Isabel II: Muere la reina de Inglaterra; Carlos III es el sucesor


La reina Isabel II murió ayer después de 70 años en el trono. Tenía 96 años. El Palacio de Buckingham anunció que falleció en el Castillo de Balmoral, su residencia de verano en Escocia, a donde miembros de la familia real acudieron después de que su salud empeoró. Su hijo de 73 años, ipel prínce … Read more

Carlos is the new king after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II


He accedes to the throne after more than half a century as heir, a long wait that he has dedicated to philanthropy, spirituality and his commitment to the environment Charles of England, the new British king after the death today of his mother, Elizabeth IIaccedes to the throne after more than half a century as … Read more

A man from Montilla in the imperial court of Carlos V


On a day like today, but in the year 1552, Pedro Fernández de Córdoba y Figueroa, from Montilla, one of the most influential figures in the court of Carlos V, breathed his last breath. prestigious County of Feria, received the Golden Fleece, one of the oldest chivalric orders in Europe, whose current Grand Master is … Read more