Meaning of Yoruba, the religion practiced by Niurka Marcos

Mexico.- The extrovert Niurka Marcos has been involved in different scandalsbut one of the most famous it is their practice of “santeria”which has generated divided opinions, but has also raised many doubts, as some want to know more about their religion. The religion practiced by the famous vedette is Yoruba which, according to her own … Read more

Religion in millennials: how digital is changing spirituality

It is not a secret that digital is advancing in the world at dizzying speeds, changing society and the way of life. Religion is also adapting to new mediaand according to a study by Sarah Wilkins-Laflamme, digital religion among millennials it does not replace, but rather complements the religious experience of young people. As digital … Read more

Will spirituality replace religion?


Every Tuesday, Jean Duchesne, co-founder of the international review “Communio”, deciphers the fundamental movements that cross society. There is a tendency today to prefer the spiritual to the fullness of the religious, he observes. But faith needs this openness to the depths of itself so as not to lock itself into a system. These days, … Read more

The three fronts of relativistic secular religion


The human being faces the problem of whether the foundation of everything, including the moral order, is god or man. Those who do not accept God, only admit the laws established by the States and other civil public authorities, human rights being the result of agreed procedures, which means that they can be modified with … Read more

Religion: a French Institute of Islamology for a better understanding of Islam – Regards protestants


It was in October 2020. The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, launched his grand plan to fight against “Islamic separatisms“, remember The cross. A plan which, in addition to its security component, included an academic one. He thus announced the creation of a French Institute of Islamology (IFI). Created on February 2, it has … Read more

Why Sarah Mintz decided to return to soap operas after leaving them for her religion


Sarah Mintz, formerly known as Maritza Rodriguezis a famous actress, because she played the role of villain of various soap operas. A few years ago, she announced that he was retiring from show business, but now he’s back for a new project. The Colombian interpreter has participated in several titles such as “Amantes del desierto” … Read more

Deep Britain. “A new religion: that of green spirituality”


By Jean Michel Fournier Published on 20 Nov 22 at 6:30 PM The Morbihan Center Gazette See my news Follow this media Christophe Auray presents his new book: “Sacred and Healing Nature of Brittany”. ©J.-MF Doctor in history of science and technology, Christophe Auray collecting for more than two decades the popular traditions in Brittanywhere … Read more

Gad Elmaleh “Questioning one’s religion is not turning away from it”


In a few words, what is the subject of the film in which you play the role of Gad, your double?After three years in the United States, Gad returns to France and reunites with his Sephardic Jewish parents and friends. Secretly, he also comes to pursue a spiritual path alongside the Virgin Mary.. What his … Read more

Religion has calming effect on young people’s mental health, study finds


A prejudice wants that young people are less and less interested in religion, in belief more generally, and that they are more sensitive to agnosticism, atheism or indifference. A study by the Springtide Research Institute challenges this received idea. If young people turn away from religious communities, it is not necessarily for lack of interest … Read more

The Simpsons: The Best Episode is a treatise on faith, religion and … sleep


One of the best episodes of The Simpsonsentitled “Homer the heretic”Of the fourth season, is a fascinating exploration of the difference between religion and faith. “Homer the heretic”Is one of the most fascinating episodes of The Simpsons never produced. The script highlights the impact that faith can have on someone as typically angry as Homer … Read more