Survival, biological crisis and robotic identity demand a reasonable price in Eastern Europe

New political actors are emerging in the globalized world who seek to radicalize in a short period of time to confront widespread political corruption and, secondly, to terminate the second cycle of the great phase corresponding to the last unleashed pandemic that will go against those vaccinated who have very specific pathologies. It is a … Read more

Mapuche Nation. Rawson, January 15. Talk about situations and actions. “I demand that the Machi return to her Rewe. For the right to spirituality and health according to our worldview, and free development in the territory”

Latin American Summary, January 17, 2023 «We reaffirm our feyentun and support our machi. We summon the Mapuche people of the Meli Witral Mapu to unite and strengthen ourselves from our mongen and nor feleal blue. To the conscious society in general and to our pu lamngen, we say that the resistance continues and that … Read more

Mapuche Nation. Upon completing 10 years of political prison, they demand the freedom of Machi Celestino Córdova / They also ask for the community members detained in Bariloche

Latin American Summary, January 4, 2023 Machi Celestino Córdova, January 3, 2023.- «For national and international public knowledge. For the original peoples of the world, the Mapuche people and all their expressions of resistance. We come to inform you of the following: To the After 10 years of political prison of our ancestral spiritual authority … Read more

Morocco: Demand the release of human rights defender Rida Benothmane and Mohammed Baassou

The conviction was on November 7, he had been detained since September RELEASE The National Organization for the Support of Prisoners of Conscience and Victims of Violations of Freedom of Expression demands the release of human rights defender Rida Benotmane and doctor Mohammed Baassou responsible for the Justice and Spirituality Association. ‏The agency has been … Read more

North America Meditation Market 2022 Global Industry Share, Size, Growth, Demand, Revenue

The market research conducted in Credible North America Meditation Business Report helps uncover significant insights about buyer personas, target audience, current customers, market, competition etc. e.g. demand for the product or service, potential prices, brand image impressions, etc. This first class report is prepared using several steps such as surveys etc. This search contains a … Read more

Europe Meditation Market Industry Analysis, Share, Size Trends, Demand, Growth, Revenue, Top Companies

Europe Global Meditation Market research report includes best market research on market growth and fluctuating trends with high accuracy and reliability. Teams that give their best are involved in carrying out primary and secondary research included in the report. This business report provides highly efficient and accurate market research services at extremely reasonable rates. Crucial … Read more

Indigenous women demand that the Chinese be declared and classified as a hate crime

The participants of the Third Plurinational Parliament of Women and Indigenous Diversities for Good Living, held last week, in the town of Chicoana, Salta, asked the Argentine State that the practice of chineo be declared and typified as a hate crime, and that it be imprescriptible. . “It is time to give an ultimatum to … Read more