Survival, biological crisis and robotic identity demand a reasonable price in Eastern Europe

New political actors are emerging in the globalized world who seek to radicalize in a short period of time to confront widespread political corruption and, secondly, to terminate the second cycle of the great phase corresponding to the last unleashed pandemic that will go against those vaccinated who have very specific pathologies. It is a … Read more

“The Guardians of the Planet”: an immersive journey for an ode to whales… and to human survival!

Defending whales is defending our planet. This is the whole meaning of the documentary film “The Guardians of the Planet” which follows these magnificent inhabitants of the ocean in a breathtaking immersive journey. Theatrical release of this feature film hailed by the 30 Million Friends Foundation on February 22, 2023. “The Guardians of the Planet”: … Read more

Test – The Chant: survival horror and spiritual retreat

New license signed Prime Matter, The Chant is an old-school survival-horror that tries the card of originality by immersing us in a psychedelic universe. Publisher Prime Matter delivered a handful of enticing titles this year, including Dolmen and The Last Oricru. He continues his momentum with The Chant, another new license which this time follows … Read more

Historical and current discrimination threatens the survival of indigenous peoples

The discrimination, violence and hostility that indigenous peoples have suffered historically and are currently endangering their spiritual, cultural and even physical survival, a landmark UN report concludes today. This marginalization also violates the right to freedom of religion or belief of indigenous peoples. “Severe, systematic and systemic discrimination and marginalization affect the ability of indigenous … Read more

Test The Chant: a spiritual survival horror in the heart of Darkness

The test of The Chant game, published by Prime Matter and developed by Brass Token, was carried out on Xbox Series X. By Benjamin Levy – Blogger Published on November 28, 2022 at 11:18 PM. Last modification on December 5, 2022 at 07:26 The estimated time for reading this test is 8 min. 0 comment … Read more

Discrimination threatens the survival of indigenous peoples

Many indigenous peoples believe that restricting access to and use of ancestral territories is equivalent to prohibiting spiritual experiences There are an estimated 476 million indigenous people worldwide.Roberto Barrios | The Star of Panama Despite economic and social development, indigenous peoples suffer historical and current discrimination that threatens their spiritual, cultural and even physical survival. … Read more

The Chant : Survival Horror et retraite spirituelle… Les développeurs nous disent tout du futur titre !

News jeu The Chant : Survival Horror et retraite spirituelle… Les développeurs nous disent tout du futur titre ! Publié le 25/09/2022 à 16:35 Si les jeux à l’ambiance horrifique (Survival Horror) vous plaisent, alors The Chant pourrait vous séduire. Nous avons pu échanger avec les développeurs, voici ce ce que nous avons pu apprendre … Read more