Survival, biological crisis and robotic identity demand a reasonable price in Eastern Europe

New political actors are emerging in the globalized world who seek to radicalize in a short period of time to confront widespread political corruption and, secondly, to terminate the second cycle of the great phase corresponding to the last unleashed pandemic that will go against those vaccinated who have very specific pathologies. It is a … Read more

Tonight on Netflix: the series that proves that in the Middle Ages, Europe was worse than Game of Thrones

This nugget of the small screen plunges you into a distant and extraordinary past when glory and gore went hand in hand: we named “Vikings”, the heroic, the aesthetic, the absolutely epic. Our story begins in the 8th century in a small Scandinavian village called Kattegat where lives Ragnar Lothbrok, a Viking warrior and farmer … Read more

Where to see Roma, Lazio and Fiorentina on TV in Europe and the Conference League

Of Salvatore Riggio Without Dybala, the Giallorossi need a win to keep chasing qualification. Sarri to make a change in Europe as well as in the league Fourth day, today Thursday 13 October, of the Europa and Conference League. Lazio and Rome are in the running in the second continental event, while Fiorentina in the … Read more

The spiritual awakening in African art that Europe refuses to return

Geraldine Tobe, a young Congolese artist, has spent two years devoted to a high-minded company. She seeks to awaken past souls through creation. She trusts that, having conjured up the spirits through art, today’s Africa listens attentively to the floating wisdom of those who have already died… And still remain. L´esprit des ancetres, The spirit … Read more

General Assembly of the Salesian Youth Movement of Europe and the Middle East

The Juarun Oratory, a Zagreb neighborhood, hosted last weekend the XVIII General Assembly of the Salesian Youth Movement (MJS) of Europe and the Middle East, which was attended by some 70 people from 15 countries. All of them, united by the charism of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello, aimed at increasing the number of young … Read more

GAiN Europe 2022. Continue forward

Adventist communicators reflect on how to connect with others despite limitations. Adventist News – October 15 was a special Saturday for over 180 Adventist media leaders and experts gathered in Bucharest, Romania, for GAiN Europe (Global Adventist Internet Network). Testimonies, songs, a deeper understanding of Scripture and reflection on the implications of being an Adventist … Read more

GAiN Europe 2022 Opens with Invitation to Fulfill Mission in a Post

October 21, 2022 | Bucharest, Romania | Marcos Paseggi | Adventist Review and IAD More than 180 communicators in the Seventh-day Adventist Church gathered in Bucharest, Romania, for the 2022 Global Adventist Internet Network (GAiN) meeting for Europe from 14-18 October 2022. The program titled “Forward: Keep Moving Forward” brought together leaders and communications experts … Read more

“Reformed Women in Early Modern Europe”, edited by Kirsi I. Stjerna

According to Luther, baptism made all Christians priests and enabled them to understand the Holy Scriptures. However, according to Luther, the preaching and baptism of women should be reserved for mere emergency situations. Although especially the consciousness of the priesthood of all the baptized had potential for the priesthood of women. In general, Luther has … Read more

Lourdes: Opening of the Shrines of Europe photo exhibition

This Wednesday, September 21 at 11:30 a.m., at the Art Gallery of the Media Library, the opening of the traveling photographic exhibition of Shrines of Europe took place in the presence of the Mayors and representatives of the 7 Marian towns: Altötting in Germany, Częstochowa in Poland, Einsiedeln in Switzerland, Loreto in Italy, Mariazell in … Read more

Homes and studios of illustrious people in Europe, the path starts from Cesena with an international conference

Last February, with the approval of the Law 2/2022 dedicated to the “Recognition and enhancement of the homes and studies of exponents of the world of history, culture, arts, politics, science and spirituality”, the Emilia-Romagna Region has started a process of recognition that the structures affected by legislation proposes to implement good practices, and to … Read more