In Pagani on October 15, conference on “Sant’Alfonso Maria de ‘Liguori, a beacon in the spiritual and moral crisis of our time”

[ dell’Editore, 03.10.2022 – Vik van Brantegem] – In all times of crisis and difficulty, to whom, if not the saints, should we turn? For this reason, on Saturday 15 October 2022, the Lepanto Foundation will go to pray at the tomb of Sant’Alfonso Maria de ‘Liguori (cover photo) in the basilica dedicated to him … Read more

Three days with Mary: a heavenly pledge in times of crisis

Almost two centuries ago, Our Lady appeared to Saint Catherine Labouré, giving the world the Miraculous Medal, in an era as difficult as ours. Through a pilgrimage to the parishes of Italy, the Virgin continues to bestow graces, today as then. In October, the pilgrimage of the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal resumes throughout Italy … Read more

Myriam Mihindou at La Verrière: a therapeutic work in times of crisis


After Augmented dream tactics, Guillaume Désanges, for his last exhibition at La Verrière, before being replaced by Joël Riff, invites us to heal the world through the curative work of Myriam Mihindou. Title Epidermis, the exhibition encourages us to rethink our relationship to nature, to the living through therapeutic works that remind us of the … Read more

The crisis of the West has a character of imperious necessity


Grandstand. We must achieve our transformation towards transformation by following the voices of meaning, of awakened citizen consciousness towards the narrow passage of the path of diversity and sovereignty in the era of modernity, of transhumanism, so that the transitional crisis leads us to the change necessary for the regeneration of our political, economic, social, … Read more

Monsieur le curé has his crisis… on the boards


June 20, 2022. The team of Monsieur the priest is having a fit is in full rehearsal. Black shirt and full beard, Reynold de Guenyveau is standing on the stage of the Sainte-Bernadette amphitheater, parish hall of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Belleville church, in Paris. Pinched mouth, raised eyebrow, arm folded over his chest as if … Read more

New Bishop affirms Christian values ​​in response to social and moral crisis in the DR


The new National Supervisor of Church of God RD, Bishop Juan Tiburcio Pérez indicated that today the Dominican Society is torn between life and death, on the brink of cataclysm and social disarray; with the moral and values ​​crisis that the country is experiencing; so the church must appeal to the “Spirituality”, which is one … Read more

Obispo dice RD está al borde del “cataclismo y desbarajuste” por crisis moral y de valores


Santo Domingo – El nuevo Supervisor Nacional de Iglesia de Dios RD, Obispo Juan Tiburcio Pérez, manifestó que hoy la sociedad dominicana se debate entre la vida y la muerte, al borde del cataclismo y el desbarajuste social por la crisis moral y de valores que vive el país. Por tanto, el religioso consideró que la iglesia debe apelar a la “espiritualidad”, que es … Read more

Civil Ralph: Screenwriter of a People in Crisis


The Creole Theater Company, established since 2012 in Saint-Léonard, will celebrate its tenth birthday at a gala held on Friday to celebrate its essential role in the transmission and defense of Haitian and Creole culture in Montreal. Its director and co-founder, Ralph Civil, looks back on 10 years of theater, from Haiti to Saint-Léonard. “The … Read more

The disappearance of Piero Vassallo. Cultural traditionalism in the metaphysical revolution between the crisis of modernity and phenomenology


A leading figure in the culture of tradition has disappeared. A reference that has always linked utopia to philosophy with philosophical elegance and this to a theology between eschatology, Orthodoxy and Catholicism. Piero Vassallo. He was born in Genoa in 1933.In one of his latest books, which I had the honor of presenting at the … Read more