Do you know what going to mass has to do with the development of headphones?

* The author is part of the community of readers of La Vanguardia I have taken these photos of reflections of the Gothic cloister of the Pedralbes monastery from the 14th century with modern headphones, so current and normal for our time, although in the past, 110 years ago, they had been invented for other … Read more

‘Ponte a punto’, the dean congress of personal development meets again with the public in Pontevedra to celebrate its 10th anniversary

The event of Personal development “Ponte a punto” returns faithful to its face-to-face appointment in Pontevedra to celebrate its tenth anniversary in style; which makes him the oldest personal growth event in Galicia and one of the longest running in Spain. “Ponte a punto” began its journey in 2012 with renowned speakers such … Read more

Multicultural voices in the development of our identity

The Premagallania media outlet, focused on disseminating the heritage of the country’s native cultures, has concluded a project financed by the Media Fund of the Ministry General Secretariat of Government that had the objective of disseminating the cultural diversity of Chile, highlighting the work of actors and actresses from the indigenous world as well as … Read more

Francisca Vargas, psychologist and mentor: “There is a language of war in personal development, which is harmful”


At the beginning of 2020, the psychologist Francisca Vargas (@franciscavargas_com) received a call from the Planeta publishing house: they invited her to write a book about her personal process, her trips to the East, her liberation, and how she had been encountering her fears , guilt, with love and death. Also, how she had traced … Read more

Read or reread: “The choice. Exile or the development of Africa »

By definition, the choice is the action of choosing something, someone, of taking it in preference to others; result of this action: the choice of a profession, of a collaborator. Power, possibility to choose (especially with leave, have, give): I leave you the choice of the time of our meeting », says the Larousse French … Read more

Antivax, personal development scammers… Record year for reports of sectarian aberrations


Since its creation in 2002, never has the Interministerial Mission for Vigilance and the Fight against Sectarian Abuses (Miviludes) had received so many referrals. According to the state agency’s latest annual report, thatwas able to consult Franceinfothe year 2021 reached a new record with 4,020 appeals, an increase of 33.6% compared to 2020. Marlène Schiappa: … Read more

Inclusive growth for poverty eradication and sustainable development for peace


Centesimus AnnusPhoto: Centesimus Annus By Editorial Staff VATICAN CITY, October 05, 2022 / 4:00 PM (ACI Print) .- “Inclusive growth to eradicate poverty and promote sustainable development and peace” this is discussed for three days in the annual conference of the Centesimuns Annus Foundation at the Palazzo della Cancelleria in Rome. Lhe Foundation aims to … Read more



HIBAPRESS-RABAT In the North of the country and especially among the Chorfas of the tribes of Bni Arouss and in particular in the village of Aznid, we have always known how to preserve what would be a thousand-year-old tradition which has taken root from father to son until today. It is very obvious today that … Read more

Raisi: “Development devoid of spirituality and ethics, will lead to the degeneration of society”


The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Seyyed Ebrahim Raisigave a speech on Monday afternoon at the “Transforming Education Summit” held in New York with the cooperation of the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (Unesco). Head of the Iranian delegation, Seyyed Raisi left for New York on Monday morning to attend … Read more

In the rivers of Chile, spirituality and development collide


MELIPEUCO, Chile — Fog suddenly arose from the Truful Truful river as it flowed under the snow-covered Llaima volcano. Victor Curin smiled when he saw the drops of dew illuminated by the sun. A leader of one of the indigenous communities on the banks of the river in the Chilean Andes, Curin took it as … Read more