Diana García Roy: «It is urgent to make a current sacred art, that connects with man and takes him to God»

“The eyes of the statues they mourn his immortality“, said Ramón Gómez de la Serna. The next protagonist molds, chisels, carves… sculptures that are also made so that the devotees dream one day of stepping on eternity. Diana Garcia Roy is a renowned Spanish artist, graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid, … Read more

The Pope praises the deep relationship with God of St. Thomas Aquinas

Pope Francis praised Saint Thomas Aquinas’ deep relationship with God “which was manifested, for example, in the adoration of Jesus in his real presence in the Eucharist.” In a prepared speech for the “Fraternity of Saint Thomas Aquinas Groups” (FASTA)and not pronounced by the Pope, but delivered to the members and disseminated by … Read more

Death of Brother André, the mythical “smuggler of God”

“Does the ax boast to him who uses it? » (Isaiah 10, 15) This biblical verse, which evokes a “ chisel” in other translations, was well cut for André van der Bijl: bijl means “axe” in Dutch, and his whole life has been a free gift of himself, to God and to others. “Brother André”, … Read more

Synod: The Church must continue to enrich its journey with the voice of the People of God


After the presentation of the Summary of the first stage of the Synod to the Holy See, the sub-secretary of the CEA shared with AICA some of the conclusions and steps to follow. Recently, the Argentine Episcopal Conference released the document that summarizes what was worked on in the first stage of the Synod in … Read more

The doctrine of God and his Christ, according to Karl Rahner

Dogmatic after the Council. Foundation of theology, doctrine of God and Christology. Works, volume 22/1b by Karl Rahner Under the direction of Vincent Holzer Venison, 480 p., €40 The 22nd volume – of the 39 already published in German between 1995 and 2018 – of the complete works of the theologian Karl Rahner is part … Read more

Cinema: “The man of God” or the dazzling figure of Nectaire d’Égine


Biggest success of the year 2021 in Greece, especially among young people, “The man of God” tells the life of Nectaire of Aegina (1846-1920), one of the greatest figures of Orthodox spirituality. In theaters March 10, 13 and 14. Nectarios of Aegina, who repeated throughout his life “Lord, have mercy on me a sinner”, gave … Read more

Spirituality. “To God everything is possible”: 2 thousand participants on the way for the 44th Macerata


It will be a particularly heartfelt edition that will celebrate the Macerata-Loreto pilgrimage on foot which, after two years of pandemic, returns to its ancient formula, albeit still conditioned in numbers and methods. Today it will be the Sferisterio of the Macerata capital (and no longer the city stadium “Helvia Recina”) to host the mass … Read more

Michel Lonsdale: “He always lived with God, with Love”


To pay tribute to Michel Lonsdale (1931-2020), a great Franco-British actor and honorary president of the Diakonia of Beautywe are publishing – two years after his death – a text by Anne Facérias, his friend and director of the Diaconie de la Beauté. As honorary president, Michel Lonsdale made the pilgrimage to Rome in 2018 … Read more

The liturgical formation of the people of God, by Joan


Pope Francis, on June 29, made public the beautiful apostolic letter desiderio on the liturgical formation of the people of God with which he wants to “invite the whole Church to rediscover, guard and live the truth and power of the Christian celebration” and asks that “the holy people of God be helped to drink … Read more

Letter from the Archbishop of Urgell: «The liturgical formation of the People of God»


Pope Francis, on June 29 of this year, gave us the beautiful and profound Apostolic Letter «Desiderio desideravi»on the liturgical formation of the People of God with which he wants to “invite the entire Church to rediscover, safeguard and live the truth and strength of the Christian celebration” and asks that “the holy People of … Read more