Is Christian Nodal single again? Mhoni Vidente talked about his love life

Christian Nodal he turned 24 on January 11. The Mexican regional music performer had a rather hectic 2023 in love affairs, since he started it committed to Belinda and ended it in love with Cazzu. Mhoni Vidente decided, at the beginning of this year, to reveal what fate has in store for the interpreter of … Read more

“I love being surprised by God!” confesses Marcin, recently ordained a priest in Barcelona

This Saturday the legionary of Christ was ordained a priest in Barcelona Marcin Jablonski at a celebration presided over by auxiliary bishop Javier Vilanova in the Pedralbes monastery. This 32-year-old Polish young man had 13 years of training and was ordained a deacon in March of last year in the crypt of the Sanctuary of … Read more

“Mother Teresa: No Greater Love”: the new film on the saint of Calcutta

The documentary chronicles the life of Mother Teresa, the profound spirituality and the physical impact that she and the Missionaries of Charity have had – and continue to have – on Catholics and non-Catholics around the world Is titled “Mother Teresa: No Greater Love” (“No greater love”) the new film about santa Mother Teresa of … Read more

Franco Battiato, the rediscovered interview: love, wars and spirituality

In an old damask jacket I find papers written in blue ink. It’s about a dialogue with Franco Battiato that dates back to twenty years ago. In this unpublished interview we talk about love, wars and spirituality. I think how much we miss his voice, his truth, his way. Rereading that dialogue moves me and … Read more

5 Hollywood couples who said goodbye to their careers for love

What happens when some Hollywood couples discover their partners are cheating? What are the most famous relationships that have seen their careers end in conjunction with the end of their relationships? But above all, is it right that betrayals affect your career? Hollywood is often seen as the Mount Olympus of cinema and love. Many … Read more

Peter Gabriel, a career punctuated with hits on love and human rights

While waiting for the full album, Musicaline returns to the greatest songs of this artist who has always been committed to the protection of man and the planet. To view this Youtube content, you must accept cookies Advertising. These cookies allow our partners to offer you personalized advertising and content based on your browsing, your … Read more

Neni and Facu the Argentine duo that conquers the world with their message of Love

-Where they are? -I think that people are from all the places through which the path of life has taken us and especially those where we have given and received the most love, those places where the memories and ties that give foundation to the territory of the soul are engraved. In this sense, I … Read more

A love story is pain and rebirth: it all depends on us

One man, three women, one shaman. A story that winds its way between two worlds: on the one hand politics, with the hypocrisies and tricks of legal technocracy, on the other Eastern philosophies, Celtic myths and rites. It is the common thread of “Room 1057. Suddenly that night” the novel by Ulisse Spinnato Vega, 47 … Read more

Thérèse of the Child Jesus, 150 years of love

It has been 150 years since she was born who would become Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face. Quebec poet and writer Jacques Gauthier, author of “Thérèse Martin, a fabulous destiny” (Part One, 2022), is delighted with the public tributes surrounding the event, but recalls that it was Jesus alone … Read more