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Francesca Chillemi (37 years old) and Elena Sofia Ricci (60) joke at the photocall of God help us 7, the fiction starting tonight, Thursday 12 January, on Rai 1 with the first of 10 episodes of this new season. She returns to the convent, with Sister Angela (“One of the greatest sinners on Italian television”, according to Ricci herself who plays her) and Sister Azzurra. ANSA photo

Kicks off tonight a new season of God help us. The Rai 1 series, directed by Francesco Vicario and Isabella Leoni, reaches its seventh edition and features Elena Sofia Ricci And Francesca Chillemi. Better, their «handover». From Sister Angela to Sister Azzurra.

When does God help us 7 start, where does it air and for how many episodes

The first installment of God help us 7 starts at 21.25, on Rai 1, tonight, Thursday 12 January. This first evening consists of two episodes: Universal Judgments And Guilt feelings. The programming, always double, is scheduled every Thursday for 10 weeks. God help us 7 is therefore composed of 10 episodes and 20 new episodes.

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God help us 7 first episode, the plot of the first episode tonight, Thursday 12 January: Last Judgments

Sister Costanza (Valeria Fabrizi) is gone (no, don’t worry, she didn’t do ZAC) and the convent is in the hands of Sister Angela (Elena Sofia Ricci). Which, perhaps for the new responsibility, it is become “precise”. The first to suffer from it is Azzurra (Francesca Chillemi) who tries to “shake” her hoping that she will return to the way she was before. Emiliano (Pierpaolo Spollon) is organizing her wedding. But he is also grappling with a patient, Luisa, mother of a 6-year-old boy, Elijah. It will be this case that brings to the convent a very rigorous new nun, Sister Teresa (Fiorenza Pieri)… Two new girls will also arrive, Ludovica (Emma Valenti) and Cate (Ileana D’Ambra). They couldn’t be more different, but both hide a secret about why they ended up in Assisi.

Feelings of guilt: plot of the second episode tonight on TV on Rai 1

Sister Angela feels guilty for leaving Luisa and Elia together one last night, given what happened. The child is temporarily taken to the convent along with Sara, the girl who found him. Azzurra would like to alleviate Sister Angela’s sense of guilt and she begins to suspect Sister Teresa. Emiliano, on the other hand, given the latest developments in his sentimental history, decides to change life and turn into a bad boy.

God help us 7 promo: the trailer of the Rai 1 fiction

God help us 7: cast and new characters (gallery)

Elena Sofia Ricci: because I’m leaving

«I’m used to long series. But I’ve never done more than three or four seasons,” Elena Sofia Ricci recalled, explaining the reasons for hers farewell to the sacred robe in fiction. “I’m allergic to repetitiveness. And that’s why I switch from TV to theater to cinema. And the my character: I always have to question myself and raise the bar. I am a very curious woman and the more the years go by the more my curiosity grows. Now, however, the years ahead of me are a little less than those behind me. But the desire for change is always strong. In God help us, therefore, I signed the renewal from season to season. And I’ve never done so many. In fact, I found it hard to separate myself from Sister Angela: I loved her too much and I still do. I relapsed like addicts. He is a character who has entered my heart. He’s special.”

God help us 6: where were we at the end of last season

The sixth season of God help uswhich aired from January to March 2021, ended with Sister Angela ready to become Mother Superior. And Azzura, played by Francesca Chillemi, ready to take the vows and therefore to become a nun. In this seventh season, Azzurra will miss Sister Angela, who is forced to leave the convent of the Guardian Angels of Assisi.

Elena Sofia Ricci: «Definite farewell? I don’t know what will happen in the future”

“This year Sister Angela will be a little less,” Elena Sofia Ricci anticipated. “But I love her so much that I don’t know what will happen in the future.” Sister Angela has combined one of her «of her and this has ensured that she has been sent back to prison. “Or where she came from. For the uninitiated, Sister Angela is one ex-convict for armed robbery. And she got the call in jail. Now back in prison, she helps women in need. But I can’t say much more.”

The plot of the 10 episodes of God help us 7: lots of news

Directed by Francesco Vicario and Isabella Leoni, God help us in this seventh season it will be broadcast for ten prime time evenings. Same city, same convent, but lots of new things. In this new season of God help us, Sister Angela (Elena Sofia Ricci) will be forced to temporarily leave the Convent of the Guardian Angels, leaving a void in the heart of Azzurra (Francesca Chillemi). But the novice, who will do anything for make her come back, has his work cut out for him at the convent, which is busier than ever. We already know some characters: among these, the psychiatrist Emiliano Stiffi (Pierpaolo Spollon) and our beloved Sister Costanza (Valeria Fabrizi). Atri, however, we will discover them in the course of the episodes. Among these, the rigorous Sister Theresa (Fiorenza Pieri), who will give Azzurra a lot of trouble. There will be many challenges that ours will have to face and each of them will learn that, perhaps, what he wants is not what she needs. You need to be patient, because beautiful things should not be sought, but wait. Like spring.

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Pierpaolo Spollon, Elena Sofia Ricci, Francesca Chillemi and Valeria Fabrizi, pose during the photocall of Che Dio ci Ai 7 in Rome, 10 January 2023. Photo ANSA

The words of Francesca Chillemi, the new protagonist

«Azzurra was a rowdy girl. She hadn’t been taught to love. She nor she to be loved. He discovered love in the convent of the Guardian Angels. She in seven seasons she has faced a path. For her, who had arrived presenting herself as a fashion victim, staying in the convent was like winning the lottery. Her life has changed, as well as her priorities ».

Elena Sofia Ricci «promotes» Francesca Chillemi

«In recent years Francesca has become more and more beautiful, inside and outside. She was a girl, she has become a woman, a mother, she has great sensitivity and a big heart. I remember I was on the jury when she was elected Miss Italy. And I also voted for it. She today she is an actress who has grown in an extraordinary way. I’ve never had some of the talents that she has. And thanks to her, working together, I was able to express them».

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Valeria Fabrizi (86 years old) is Sister Costanza

The secret of the success of God help us according to Sister Angela, the great sinner

«Sister Angela is one of the biggest sinners on Italian television. She is uncorrect, but the public feels her close. And he loves her for her ability to relate to spirituality in a very human way. Hers His dialogues with God are memorable. Thanks to God help us, the audience at home laughs, cries, reflects. Thinks”. Word of Elena Sofia Ricci. Sister Angela.

God Help Us 7: When It Starts Trailer Plot Episodes Tonight on TV | style