Does the idea of ​​God have a place for those who accept that everything ends?, asks Víctor Weinstock in ‘Finitude’

Victor Weinstock presents ‘Finitude’. Although the finiteness of existence is a certainty, few seem able to deal with it. In the work of that name, Víctor Weinstock and a cast of three actors with a solid career lead the public to face suffering through the paths of emotion but also of logic. Two of the … Read more

Chinese artist Liu Bolin at the “Augmented Palace”: “The idea of ​​hiding is evolving”

His life and his art are viscerally linked to freedom of expression. In 2005, his workshop in Beijing was destroyed, a year later an exhibition banned, and Liu Bolin was born on January 7, the anniversary of the attack on Charlie Hebdo. Famous for his photos where he “hides” in the image, the Chinese artist, … Read more

Pierfrancesco Favino, actor in “Nostalgia”: “The idea of ​​aging interests me, it’s exciting to see where time takes us”

Nostalgia tells of Felice’s return to Naples. How did you prepare for this role? The starting point of the film is a novel by writer Ermanno Rea. He was an important guide even if Mario Martone, the director, and Ippolita Di Majo, the screenwriter, made a lot of changes. We had the chance to talk … Read more

Niki Black in ‘Flash’ interview: “The mantra of this EP lies in the idea that love is a dream”

As a prelude to the upcoming release of her first EP, Niki Black confided in aficia about the start of a promising career. Last October, Niki Black lifted the veil on “My Little Dreamer”, a dreamlike and ethereal first single cradled by the softness of the piano and a harp. The one who had given … Read more

Federico Goglio (Sköll): “Mishima was very upset at the idea of ​​committing suicide” [Interview]

“ All around him, in vastness and disorder, stretched the country for which he suffered. He was going togive his life. But this great country, which he was ready to challenge to the point of destroying himself, would he even pay attention to his death? He didn’t know; and too bad. Hewas dying on a battlefield withoutglory, … Read more

Sciagura Iñárritu: “Bardo” is a hymn to the indecision of a talented director who doesn’t have a shred of idea

The film presented at the Venice Film Festival piles up the ingredients of the tormenting “what am I doing here? how did I get there? and now how can I continue?” It cut 15 minutes, from the 174 we saw at the Venice Exhibition. 15 minutes of living flesh, scissored from his “most personal film”: … Read more

The deception of the idea of ​​progress

Not always what is “more” or comes after is better, as the dominant thought would have us believe. The ideological and moral surrender of the left “It’s progress! It cannot be stopped! ». This is the hallucinating, silly, decerebrated, commonplace that from Positivism onwards, therefore for about 150 years, has been pronounced by ordinary people, … Read more

A “wedding journal”, a great idea for newlyweds

The first years of marriage are a time when the relationship settles down, consolidates and grows in love. To achieve this, keeping a spiritual journal together is an excellent exercise. In June 2022, Pope Francis authored a document titled Catechumenal itinerary for married life in which he offers support for the spouses during the first … Read more

“If Jeff Bezos had been Argentine, would Amazon exist?”: the question that shook businessmen at IDEA

Xavier Sala i Martin, economist and professor at Columbia University The second day of the 58th IDEA Colloquium began this Thursday with a “spirituality breakfast” in which business men and women participated very early and then, after coffee and croissants, the discussion and debate panels began. The first was carried out by the Catalan economist … Read more

Nicolás Viotti: “Hay que separar la idea de secta de una connotación negativa asociada al crimen”

Doctor en Antropología Social por el Museo Nacional de la Universidad Federal de Río de Janeiro, sociólogo de la Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), investigador del Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (Conicet) en la Escuela Interdisciplinaria de Altos Estudios Sociales (Eidaes) de la Universidad Nacional de San Martín (Unsam) y miembro de la … Read more