The ego is not your enemy, you just have to learn to manage it

Normally we speak pejoratively of the ego to express that a person manifests a grandiose view of himself. In general, we associate the ego with that arrogance, that believing oneself more than others, that lack of humility We explain from a spiritual perspective why the ego is not the enemy but a necessary construct to … Read more

Toulouse. Grand masters, obediences… Two days to learn all about Freemasonry

By Toulouse editorial staff Published on 23 Nov 22 at 8:20 Toulouse news See my news Follow this media François Boucq will be one of the guests of the Masonic Salon in Toulouse, Saturday November 26 and Sunday November 27, 2022. (©DR) The 7e edition of the Masonic Salon of Toulouse will be held on … Read more

Learn about the energy charge and meaning of 11:11 in numerology and spirituality


We tell you the meaning behind 11:11, because it is a number with a lot of energy in different personal areas. Get to know them! Very rarely, dates offer a mirror number, however, in the case of the famous 11:11 we can appreciate it once a day and even more so on November 11. We … Read more

‘Religion for dummies’: the new guide to learn about different aspects of faith published by Chema Álvarez


It is now available ‘Religion for Dummies’, the collection of ten books that aims to provide training on Christianity for adults. The author of the publications, of the San Pablo Publisheris the Valladolid Chema Álvarez, Missionary of the Sacred Heart and priest. As Álvarez himself explained in ECCLESIA, ‘Religion for dummies’ offers simple guides on … Read more

Drink, learn, read the Bible and pay the Church: because ‘The vine and the branches’ makes people talk about themselves


A cycle of events that brings together passages from the Gospels and psalms with Pinot, Champagne and Barolo. For a fee. There are those who get excited and those who have doubts The glass and “take it and drink it all”: so far it was understood differently (Shutterstock) When he passed the bread and wine … Read more

September, fresh air: 3 things to learn (and put into practice) from the best yoga retreats


September is a particular, unique month. Although summer is now a memory, with its lightness, and winter seems to loom dark and – let’s face it – a little sad, the air is exciting. For many, in fact, it is a month to dedicate to new beginnings and, above all, from fill with good intentions … Read more