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God help us reaches the seventh season with a big news. Tonight on Rai 1 the first of the ten planned episodes will be broadcast, directed by Francis Vicar And Isabella Leoni. And this year there will be a passing of the baton with the protagonist of the series, Elena Sofia Ricciin its last season: Sister Angela will only be present in three episodes: in the seventh season of the beloved fiction she will be the character of Azzurra, played by Francesca Chillemito become central in the events of the convent of the Guardian Angels.

Azzurra, played by Francesca Chillemi, will become increasingly central in the events of the convent of the Guardian Angels in this seventh season.

Where were we

At the end of the sixth season, Azzurra and Sister Angela were more united than ever. Both of their lives were about to be turned upside down. The former was ready to accept the role of Mother Superior. The second had decided to take her vows and become a nun. However, in this seventh season Sister Angela will be forced to leave the convent of Assisi. Azzurra will miss her strongly and every time she talks to her on the phone she will ask her to come back.

May God Help Us 7: New Characters…

At the end of the sixth season all the characters have left the convent of the Guardian Angels. There are many new characters who will enter the scene: Sara (Federico Pagliaroli), an exuberant Roman with a passion for hairstyles and make-up who, behind lacquered nails and provocative clothes, hides a wounded soul; cate (Ileana D’Ambra), who has a desire to sing; Louis (Emma Valenti) who dreams of becoming a successful lawyer. Then there is a new bartender: Ettore (Philip DeCarli).

… and old acquaintances

Emiliano remains of the old friends of the convent of the Guardian Angels (Pierpaolo Spollon). Following a disappointment in love, she will decide to say enough to love and will move right into the convent. Here she will have to deal with Sara, the aspiring beautician: they will not get along, but then they will discover that they are not very different. On the contrary.

And obviously Sister Costanza cannot be missing (Valeria Fabrizi). The oldest nun of the convent of the Guardian Angels will be a guide not only for Azzurra. But for all the guests to whom you will pass on your love for you, even at the stove.

Piepaolo Spollon (Emiliano Stiffi) and Valeria Fabrizi (Suor Costanza) in a scene from the series

Piepaolo Spollon (Emiliano Stiffi) and Valeria Fabrizi (Suor Costanza) in a scene from the series

May God help us is a female series

“In this series there is great attention to the world of women: in many years many female characters have been told”, says Elena Sofia Ricci. «In a cinema and on TV where ample space is always reserved for men, finding so many possibilities for us girls to be able to play important roles was nice. It’s nice”.

Tonight on TV God help us 7, with a greeting from Elena Sofia Ricci: «Goodbye?  We'll see…

“Sister Angela? A great sinner close to the people”

«Beyond the comedy and drama in this series the spiritual aspect is treated in a wonderfully human way. Sister Angela is one of the greatest sinners on Italian television: she is incorrect but this means that despite being a nun she is close to the public ». People love her for that. «But also and above all for his ability to relate to spirituality in a very human way. Her dialogues with God are memorable and they are the ones that, at the end of each episode, throw us into the sea of ​​questions in which she flounders daily. And sometimes they allow you to give yourself some answers. I see it from the affection of the fans».

Elena Sofia Ricci is sure: «May God help us, he is an anxiolytic. People go home, stressed, in a difficult moment and I am referring above all to these last three years of the pandemic, and thanks to God help us, laughs, cries and reflects. Thinks. This is another aspect that has made this series strong and successful».

Elena Sofia Ricci in stage clothes photographed in Assisi

Elena Sofia Ricci in stage clothes photographed in Assisi

Sister Angela’s return to prison

«This year there will be a little less. But I love Sister Angela so much that I don’t know what will happen in the future»: Ricci does not rule out returning in the next few seasons. “We’ll see”. Meanwhile, this year Sister Angela has combined one of her «of her and this meant that she was sent back to prison. Or where she had come from. For the uninitiated, Sister Angela is an ex-convict for armed robbery. And she got the call in jail. Now you, back in prison, you will help women in difficulty. But I can’t say much more.”

The theater engagements of Elena Sofia Ricci

“I’m on tour at the theater with The sweet wing of youth by Tennessee Williams, an author close to my heart. This is the fifth Tennessee Williams lady I bring to the stage.”

«Theatre is where I come from: it is my passion. I left it for so many years because my daughters were little. But, being a completely crazy actress, I need to change. This year I am very proud to have given space to Francesca Chillemi»

“Francesca Chillemi is extraordinary”

«I was on the jury when Francesca was elected Miss Italy. And I also voted for her », says the 60-year-old actress. In recent years she has become more and more beautiful, inside and out. She was a girl, she has become a woman, a mother, she has great sensitivity and a big heart. She is an actress who has grown up in an extraordinary way. I’ve never had some of Francesca’s talents and thanks to her, working with her, I was able to express them».

She also hopes to have taught her something: «I have had great teachers, I have been a very lucky woman. I’ve worked with incredible actors. Anyone who has been lucky enough to receive such important gifts is lucky if one day they can return them. It happened that I could make suggestions. To Francesca, and also to the younger actors. And seeing that those suggestions were taken was wonderful. In this I am similar to Sister Angela: the desire to give to others is an aspect that unites us a lot”.


God help us 7, from tonight on tv. The plot and the news in the cast | Friend