Le pape François débarque la direction de Caritas Internationalis

Le bureau de presse du Saint-Siège a diffusé ce mardi 22 novembre un décret indiquant que Caritas Internationalis est placée sous la conduite d’un administrateur temporaire jusqu’à ce que les statuts de la confédération soient révisés. Un décret du pape François diffusé par le bureau de presse du Saint-Siège le 22 novembre 2022 indique que … Read more

The 80th birthday of Martin Scorsese and the secrets of his direction

Scorsese blows out 80 candles, spending more than half of his life behind the camera. Here are some curiosities about the most Italian director of all and a video that reveals the secrets of his direction The Two Faces of Vengeance (One-Eyed Jacks), directed by and starring Marlon Brando, is one of his favorite films. … Read more

The comedian Bergonzoni at the Bobbio in Trieste: “We depend on what social networks impose. We have to change direction”


TRIESTE It is entitled “Transcend and go up” and it is the monologue that will bring back to Trieste, for a single repetition, Alessandro Bergonzoni Saturday evening, at 8.30 pm at the Orazio Bobbio Theater. Comedian, cabaret artist, playwright, writer, humorist, actor and lyricist, Bergonzoni does not conceal a certain joy at the idea of … Read more