The Camagüeyan Radio beats in the heart of the people

Camagüey, the birthplace of the pioneer of Cuban Radio, Luis Casas Romero, treasures a rich tradition, almost a century old too, of the development of this means of communication in the province. By: MIOZOTIS FABELO PINARES (NATIONAL RADIO AWARD) Camagüey has milestones in that path initiated by the mambí musician, with the airing of the … Read more

Liturgy and spirituality. Make room for the Word of God in your heart

Also this year, on 22 January, the “Sunday of the Word of God” is celebrated, established by the Pope on 30 September 2019 – liturgical memorial of Saint Jerome, translator of the Bible – with the motu proprio Aperuit illis. The objective of this initiative is, in the words with which Francis closed his document, … Read more

Artistic journey to the heart of Baltic souls – Ciné

Artistic journey to the heart of Baltic souls – Ciné-Concert Rémalard en Perche, March 3, 2023, Rémalard en Perche. Artistic journey to the heart of Baltic souls – Ciné-Concert Espace Octave Mirbeau Place of the Champ de Foire Rémalard Rémalard en Perche Orne Place of the Champ de Foire Espace Octave Mirbeau 2023-03-03 – 2023-03-03Place … Read more

These “subtle” skills that foster leadership from the heart

Expert Chronicles Leadership On 02/20/2022 To share To share To share © Getty Images Reading time: 7 minutes Faced with the pitfall of top-down and top-down leadership, new practices and ways of acting are appearing, more oriented towards the other. In recent years, we have come up against a still narrow vision of … Read more

“The Journeys of the Heart”, new television itineraries of art and spirituality in the world

The program conducted by Davide Banzato, broadcast on Canale 5, with the patronage of the Holy See, will start again on 8 January. Kenya, Turkey, Assisi, Padua, the Vatican, are some of the stages of this XIV edition between natural beauties and art, culture and spirituality, with the commentary also on current issues related to … Read more

“Ax Salvador”, the great heart of Bahia in Grillone’s documentary Il Reggino

The beauties of Salvador de Bahia told and collected in the wonderful report “Ax Salvador – Travel notes from the black heart of Brazil”, created by the Reggio journalist Domenico Grillone. It will be presented today Wednesday 28 December at 6.30 pm at the premises of the “Postcards Club” association in Reggio Calabria, the documentary … Read more

Palermo. Christmas at Villa Sofia – Brain. For patients “Time for caresses, gestures of care within reach of the heart”

Palermo, 23 December 2022 – At the hospital “Ospedali Riuniti Villa Sofia – Cervello” the program for Christmas 2022 has been underway since the beginning of the week, created by the Multidisciplinary Team of the Office of Education and Promotion of Corporate Health (in the photo), as part of the “Progetto PSN 2016”: “Experimental model … Read more

“Turn on Your Heart” by Cynthia Zak

MEXICO CITY ( Under the premise that the heart has its own intelligence, the expert in “mindfulness” and meditation Cynthia Zak invites us to accompany her and delve into such quantum thinking with her, through the cordial reading of his new independent literary adventure of 247 pages: “Enciende tu corazón”. In addition to being a … Read more