With a feline, rebellious and critical spirit, Amandititita returns to Vive Latino 2023

After five years of not singing and playing in Mexico City, the iconic and singular Amandititita returns to participate in the great, heterogeneous and eclectic Vive Latino 2023. On this occasion, she returns with a feline, rebellious, critical spirit, and with the humor and irony that have always characterized his lyrics, with a concert during … Read more

Latino cinema ‘leaves traces’

The Los Angeles International Latino Film Festival (LALIFF, for its acronym in English) is going strong in its 21st edition. After having adapted to the sanitary conditions imposed by COVID and adjusting its program to virtuality in 2021, this 2022 the renowned contest is reunited with an audience already eager to see, in person, the … Read more

“Numina”, a look at Latino cultural devotions

The most recent work of the Colombian photographer John Alonso will adorn the halls and corridors of the Santa Clara Museum with exposure “Numin”which reflects the cultural and popular richness that is part of the identity, idiosyncrasy, spirituality and devotions of Latin American culture. This Thursday, starting at 3:00 pm, this temporary exhibition will be … Read more