With a feline, rebellious and critical spirit, Amandititita returns to Vive Latino 2023

After five years of not singing and playing in Mexico City, the iconic and singular Amandititita returns to participate in the great, heterogeneous and eclectic Vive Latino 2023. On this occasion, she returns with a feline, rebellious, critical spirit, and with the humor and irony that have always characterized his lyrics, with a concert during … Read more

«St Clare in Susanna Nicchiarelli’s film? Young, rebellious and alive»

Disruptive for its originality and intense spirituality, a film has been dedicated to the nun who followed Francis by choosing the privilege of poverty Clear which will be released on December 7 at the cinema. On November 14th in the Vatican Fimoteca, Susanna Nicchiarelli the director received the #Outfield Award of the Entertainment Foundation. The … Read more

“Repression in Iran: Iranian Women: Active and Rebellious”

With the escalation of repression in Iran, hardliners in the regime are showing the nature of the state: totalitarian, retrograde and intolerant. They won the presidential and parliamentary elections and dominate the institutions, but without popular legitimacy, because abstention reached 53% of the census. Article 638 of the Penal Code condemns appearing in public without … Read more

In the studio of… André Fournelle | The rebellious cross

Fascinated by the art foundry, Montreal sculptor André Fournelle has been creating for more than 60 years. The Press discovered the studio of this committed artist, spiritual son of Armand Vaillancourt, who received the Borduas prize last fall for an exceptional creator in the visual arts. Posted yesterday at 8:00 a.m. Eric Clement The Press … Read more