With a feline, rebellious and critical spirit, Amandititita returns to Vive Latino 2023

After five years of not singing and playing in Mexico City, the iconic and singular Amandititita returns to participate in the great, heterogeneous and eclectic Vive Latino 2023. On this occasion, she returns with a feline, rebellious, critical spirit, and with the humor and irony that have always characterized his lyrics, with a concert during which he will present his new single titled Catwhich is part of his fifth album, about to be put into circulation.

With a selection of her most recognized songs, whose style is a mixture of rock, reggae, hip hop, rap and cumbia, which the anti-solemn Queen of anarcocumbia has released during her almost 15-year career, the singer has articulated a staging, with dancers and actors, who will represent the main characters of their songs as metrosexual, The maid, the old lady, the televisa war either the very very. “It will be a concert of sorts as a tribute to the lyrics that I have written”, commented the composer in a chat with the day.

In 2024, Amanda Lalena Escalante Pimentel, better known as Amandititita, will celebrate her 15-year career. “It’s been very strange how it’s been so long, it’s very strange, because I feel like I’m just starting.”

I started writing songs, she recalled, “as another way of writing stories, which worked to such a degree that it allowed me to support myself financially, since when I started I had no money and lived in friends’ houses. Suddenly 15 years have passed and I have grown very fond of making songs and appreciating the energy that the stage provides”.

Now, he added, I have managed to do both: write a poem, a short story, a novel, make a podcast and sing. “And at 40+, I’m very excited to see where it all takes me.”

What has changed? “What has changed throughout those years is a certain viscerality. At first I had a lot of desire and strength, I wanted my voice to boom loudly, it was a time when there wasn’t a singer who did what I did. It was very important for me to be the first in this area, I remember that she wanted to be like the Molotov group, as a woman. And already with the reflectors, making social criticism, talking about racism or domestic workers, among other issues, however, over the years, I also questioned myself, I considered that perhaps, with everything I did, I strayed so as not to see within myself, and a few years ago I began to delve into spirituality, that has changed my writing, which before was an ironic social criticism in search of justice -it is not that I have stopped seeking it or making criticism social–, now I do it from another place, I seek to do more reflective and artistic things”.

Regarding spirituality, Amanda explained that she has spent years studying the book titled a course in miracleswritten by psychologist Helen Schucman, “whose premise is to achieve full awareness of the presence of love in one’s life.”

According to Amanda, “it could be said that it is the first book of new age, which mixes psychotherapy with the spiritual. It is a text that has been with me for about 17 years, but just three years ago I began to understand it deeply and fully. It is not a religious question. It is rather a philosophical question, which tends to mental health ”.

Regarding the single that is titled Cat he explained: it is a song in which “I make references to my favorite writers and philosophers, as well as relevant hip hop characters, in contrast to characters from show business and fashion. A narrative that took me months to write. Like now it’s about making words shine.

“The idea is to highlight how important it is to read books, to train in critical, free thinking, against the system. Sartre, Cioran, Pessoa, Rilke are mentioned in the song. The narrative of the song talks about not because you have a great body, like the Kardashians, or because you have a lot of money, or a lot of success or a lot of followers, you are better, but what matters is the thought, that what has value in life is free, and that integrity is the most valuable quality of a human being, to the rhythm of hip hop, in which a cat also appears.”

Amandititita will perform at Vive Latino 2023, on Sunday, March 19 at 7:40 p.m. It will also be presented at the Indie Rocks! Forum, in the Roma neighborhood, on March 22, at 8:30 p.m.

With a feline, rebellious and critical spirit, Amandititita returns to Vive Latino 2023