Avatar – La via dell’acqua | Il ritorno di James Cameron si tinge di magia

ROMA – «I sequel sono sempre complicati: devi saper sorprendere e al contempo anticipare le aspettative del pubblico. Allo stesso modo devi massaggiare i loro piedi con cose familiari, confortevoli, cose che conoscono e amano del primo film. Ho già percorso quella strada in passato». A dirlo? James Cameron che, in quanto a sequel, l’ha … Read more


Euphoria Retreat it is not simply a five-star hotel with spa, it is a magical place of healing and transformation, full of positive energy. Euphoria Retreat is the vision of the founder Marina Ephraimoglou. Marina Ephraimoglou Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Marina had a successful and rewarding career in investment banking and was the … Read more

Cuba: Joel James, El Barbú, returns (+ Photos)

The descendants of Haitians called him “El Barbú”, not only because of his gray and sparse beard, but also because of the boots that always accompanied him on his walk through the steep streets of Santiago de Cuba. Friends from the eastern mountains and the closest collaborators of Casa del Caribe, who discussed his work … Read more

Cuba: Joel James, El Barbú, returns (+Photos)

By Mario Munoz Lozano Head of the Cultural Writing Friends from the eastern mountains and the closest collaborators of Casa del Caribe, who discussed his work at the Joel James In Memoriam International Colloquium, say that both were part of his personality. Those closest to him assure that he did not take them off because … Read more

Avatar: All the elements that made James Cameron’s film into history

Avatar: The Water Way, the movie we’ve been waiting for thirteen years, is finally upon us: on December 14 it will be released worldwide. Years ago, still hot, a few hours after seeing Avatar, we all said it would change the history of cinema, and it really was. Avatar: The Way of Water, the film … Read more

“Avatar 2”: invented language, ecology, religion… Five astonishing facts about the saga of James Cameron

Thirteen years after a first part which had generated nearly 3 billion euros in revenue, Avatar returns to theaters on Wednesday, December 14 with a second episode, The Way of the Water. This monumental saga, thought about since 2014, is inspired by several ancient religions and has resulted in the creation of a new language: … Read more

James Cameron: “It all comes down to the personal aesthetics of the filmmaker”

While Avatar: The Way of Water, James Cameron’s film, continues to top the box office worldwide, Empire decided to give well-known stars the opportunity to ask the famous director anything they wanted. Here’s a summary of how this turned out interview multiple. —Sigourney Weaver: How did you first imagine the Na’vi? – I researched the … Read more

“Green was taken”: James Cameron reveals how he created the Na’vi and why they are blue

The reason behind the prevailing color in the ‘Avatar’ franchise is much simpler than we imagined. The premiere of Avatar: The Sense of Water 13 years after the debut of the original film, it has allowed lovers of the unforgettable film to meet again with the Na’vi once again and get excited about a new … Read more

With “Avatar 2”, James Cameron tells us about the Anthropocene

Warning spoilers: the following article presents some elements of the film likely to reveal the plot. On December 14, 2022, thirteen years later Avatar first of the name, the director James Cameron (titanic, Abyss, terminator) delivered to the public the continuation of the adventures of Jake Sully and Neytiri. Avatar, the way of the water … Read more