Avatar 2: James Cameron spent a year on a screenplay that was discarded

In a recent interview with the Times dedicated to the highly anticipated sequel, James Cameron talked about the success of Avatar and how to replicate the formula for Avatar: The way of waterrevealing that, of these nearly 13 years of work, at least one was spent writing a screenplay for Avatar 2 which then, in … Read more

Why did James Cameron scrap an Avatar 2 script after a year of work?


The filmmaker justifies the decision to throw away a preliminary Avatar 2 script because it didn’t meet the three requirements he needed for the sequel. After writing, directing and producing two of the biggest global hits of the last 25 years with titanica Y Avatar, the Oscar-winning director james cameron he does not hesitate to … Read more

The man of the plain (C8): should we watch this western worn by James Stewart?


James Stewart is undoubtedly one of the most iconic actors in the history of American cinema. From Frank Capra to Alfred Hitchcock, abusive with Tippi Hedren, passing by John Ford, he toured with the most directors of his time. With a career spanning fifty years, he received several Oscar nominations, winning the statuette for his … Read more

Avatar of James Cameron with the challenge of surprising a cynical audience


Photo File On September 22, Avatar by James Cameron will return to theaters after thirteen years of release. Months after the arrival of its sequel, it is a major event in the history of cinema. Considered an instant classic of the sci-fi genre, its plot will take on a new audience. Something of vital importance … Read more

James Joyce and the fascination of darkness in the poem “Nocturne”

June 16, 1904 is the day in which the events of James Joyce’s “Ulysses” take place, the 24 hours in which the events of Leopold Bloom, protagonist of “Ulysses”, are condensed. Every year in Ireland, June 16 is the day dedicated to celebrations in honor of James Joyce and his modernist masterpiece. It is Bloomsday, … Read more