Applications open: Escuela de Formación Popular 2023 summons social and community organizations

The project “Co-reason the Territories in Valparaíso” UPA ADAIN 2193, extends the invitation to social and community organizations of Greater Valparaíso, to participate in the Popular Training School. Instance co-created between the University of Playa Ancha and various organizations, which will begin to be taught from next Saturday, June 3. The project is promoted and … Read more

In the United States, some podcasts appeal more to the black community

(ETX Daily Up) – It’s a fact, podcasts are a hit. But some communities are more sensitive to certain topics. This is particularly the case of the American black community, more inclined to listen to podcasts on pop culture, relationships and humor. According to the study of Pew Research*, 46% of Afro-Americans have declared listening … Read more

Mapuche Nation. Territory Recovery: Lof Kunko Mawizam of Forestal Arauco properties. Chumul Indigenous Community

Latin American Summary, January 17, 2023 LOF KUNKO MAWIZAM RELEASE Masri masri monkü ta eymün pu peñi ka pu l’amuen askintulelu fey ta sungu, kiñe lemorria piwaiñ pu kona, pu weichajo, mie machi ka mie lawentujo ingkakelu tain mapu. 4 months after the start of the territorial recovery process on the Arauco Forestry properties, Purrehuin … Read more

The new Hindu temple in Dubai honors the Indian community

The new Hindu temple in Dubai opened in October. This modern spiritual center, very open to the world, is home to countless faces of Indian divinities. Among the official guests at the inauguration in Dubai was Sunjay Sudhir, India’s Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates. Asked about the meaning and importance of this temple, he … Read more

The Ahmadiyya Islamic Jama’at Community strengthens its relations with its caliph – Malijet

From December 24 to 26, 2022, the Jama’at Islamic Ahmadiyya community of Mali held its 14th edition of the annual national conference called Jalsa Salana on the theme: “The relationship with the Caliph” at Hadiqatul-Mahdi of Koulikoro. The meeting brought together 7150 participants from 311 localities in the interior of the country and the sub-region. … Read more

Mapuche Nation. Upon completing 10 years of political prison, they demand the freedom of Machi Celestino Córdova / They also ask for the community members detained in Bariloche

Latin American Summary, January 4, 2023 Machi Celestino Córdova, January 3, 2023.- «For national and international public knowledge. For the original peoples of the world, the Mapuche people and all their expressions of resistance. We come to inform you of the following: To the After 10 years of political prison of our ancestral spiritual authority … Read more

Togo: Easter festivities regain their community and cultural character

Father Eugène Ahadji (in blue and black), parish priest of Bè-Klikamé, scored the only goal of the football match/Charles Ayetan News facts In Togo, Christians celebrated the feast of Easter joyfully and in community. In the parishes of the diocese of Lomé, many fun and leisure activities marked the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus … Read more

The Jewish community received the holiday of Sukkot | AMIA

After fasting on the Day of Atonement, the Jewish community commemorates Sukkot, called the Feast of Booths. This festivity, which manifests and promotes the union and harmony of the Jewish people, began on the night of Sunday the 9th and will end at nightfall on Tuesday, October 18 with Simchat Torah, the joy of having … Read more

Community leader died run over by a minor in Pitalito • La Nación

Jaime Muñoz was unable to recover from the injuries sustained in a traffic accident that occurred in the El Jardín neighborhood of Valle de Laboyos. The driver of the vehicle involved would have been a minor under 16 years of age, who allegedly tried to evade responsibility for him. The friends and relatives of community … Read more

The Baptist Church of the Center of Bariloche celebrated its 70 years of service to the community | Bariloche Give your opinion | News from Bariloche.

With an emotional act and an extensive program of activities, the Evangelical Baptist Church of the Center of Bariloche celebrated this Sunday (11/12) its 70 years of permanence and service to the community. The meeting, which brought together some 300 people, was held at its historic facilities in gallardo streetwith the presence of pastors and … Read more