Don Matteo 13, Bova “I am a modern priest with a past” / VIDEO

“For me it was important to face a new character. Spirituality has always been something that fascinated me, and I have often searched for it, since I interpreted St. Francis. But that of the parish priest is a figure that I wanted to deepen: they are people at which ones to rely on, today we need more spirituality “. Word of Raoul Bova who enters Don Matteo 13: his character, Don Massimo, will take the reins of the parish of Spoleto and of the series from the fifth episode. Terence Hill’s greeting, during the press conference for the presentation of the successful Lux Vide fiction (from March 31st the new episodes on Rai 1 for a total of 10 premieres), comes from his ranch in the United States: “Without the public from Don Matteo would not have been home, so I want to thank everyone: the crew, the many colleagues who have worked with me over the years, in particular my friend Nino Frassica. After the end of the set I missed you all “. The direction of Don Matteo 13 is by Francesco Vicario, Luca Brignone and Riccardo Donna. “Twenty years have passed – remembers the director of Rai Fiction Maria Pia Ammirati – and over two hundred and fifty episodes since the first episode and the fiction Don Matteo has trained many actors and directors”. After 22 years, the investigating priest leaves the scene. The first episodes will still have as the protagonist the actor of It called him Trinity in the role of Don Matteo, who will continue to follow the investigations in Spoleto. From the fifth will come Don Massimo, or Bova. “I got your love and I reciprocate it,” Hill says. “Love each other well”.
“There is only one of Don Matteo, that’s why I wanted to meet Terence. He told me: ‘You will be a new priest, you will have your name.’ Don Massimo has a fairly important past, he fought for justice from an early age. , he is an evolving religious, who wants to get his hands dirty. He knows how to forgive, welcome, fight. Don Matteo will always remain Don Matteo.
Terence will always be Terence “, underlines Bova. Among the novelties the return of Flavio Insinna in the role of Colonel Anceschi together with his daughter Valentina (Emma Valenti), now grown up, who will create many problems for him.
Among the protagonists, the veteran of fiction, Nino Frassica, in the role of Marshal Cecchini, as well as Maria Chiara Giannetta (captain Anna Olivieri) Maurizio Lastrico (prosecutor Marco Nardi), Pietro Pulcini (Ghisoni) and Francesco Scali (Pippo).
255 episodes, 22 years of life: the series produced by Lux Vide with RaiFiction remains a brand to which the public is very attached. A small exhibition was set up in the Rai headquarters in Via Asiago to celebrate the fiction: Don Matteo’s bike and cassock (which Terence Hill never wanted to change), Don Massimo’s bike. The first episode of the thirteenth season begins with a sentence by Antonio Gramsci: “I want every morning to be a New Year for me. Every day I want to deal with myself”.
Insinna says about his return: “It is something I thought about even when I had to replace Fabrizio (Frizzi, ed) at the Legacy. It is not a replacement, it is an extra place. He does not replace himself in this profession”. And again: “My fear was that of being aged for the codes of this series”. Nino Frassica with his usual humor: “I noticed Raoul’s arrival a month ago. I was playing my part and at one point I said ‘Do you have black hair Terence?’, Then after a while I looked good and I saw Raoul Bova, but we had already finished the series. He with his kindness and sympathy will deserve our affection. He was promoted to Don Matteo’s family. “
When asked if a friendship between man and woman is possible, Maurizio Lastrico replies: “It is a very beautiful story of friendship. Friendship involves jealousy and even clashes”. And Maria Chiara Giannetta: We found ourselves to be really two friends Maurizio and I. This was born thanks to Don Matteo “. Then the actress adds:” The piece that Maurizio and I brought to Sanremo we rehearsed in front of the crew and the cast. “The two actors praise Frassica:” He is the classmate that makes you want to go to school. “
When at the end of filming the rumor of Terence Hill’s departure spread on social media, many fans protested, at Lux is there concern about the ratings? “As communicators – replies Luca Bernabei – we don’t always have to do what the public asks of us. We need to give new things to the viewer who at first protests but then is happy with what he finds.
We must change to keep the series always new, otherwise Giannetta would not have arrived as captain. “Speaking of Giannetta, the actress confirms to ANSA that” there will be a second season of Blanca “. (ANSA).