The Mallorcan priest and poet Miquel Costa Llobera, and the Marianist López de Uralde, towards the altars

Miquel Costa Llobera Y Vincent Lopez de Uralde They are two priests who left their mark in Spain; the first, in the world of culture and poetry in Catalan. Gardens and schools bear his name in Catalonia and Mallorca, and his poetic work continues to be highly valued. The second, with his educational work and … Read more

Marcos López: “No busco un estilo, voy atrás de mi deseo”

Marcos López, retratado en su casa-estudio del barrio de San Telmo, Buenos Aires (Foto: Adrian Escandar) “Estoy construyéndome una especie de sarcófago”, dice Marcos López, figura central del arte latinoamericano contemporáneo. Tres obreros trabajan en el garaje de su casa-estudio, en San Telmo, Buenos Aires. Hicieron un gran foso: con la tierra que quitaron llenaron … Read more

Ingrid Coronado, her ex, Charly López, defends herself and tells everything

Ingrid Coronado, her ex, Charly López, defends herself and tells everything | instagram tremendous statements the ones that the former member of Garibaldi, Charlie Lopezabout his ex-partner and driver Ingrid CoronadoTherefore, she affirms that she only expected the death of Fernando del Solar. This as a consequence of the statements that Ingrid made with Yordi … Read more

Charly López unmasks her ex; he affirms that he only expected the death of Fer del Solar

At the beginning of December, Charly López’s ex was a guest on Yordi Rosado’s talk show, where she talked about him and another ex-partner, Fernando del Solar. The former Garibaldi assures that his ex “wanted to clean up his image” during his interview and requested to have his right of reply, since his statements were … Read more

Gerry Lopez, intervista esclusiva a Mr. Pipeline

Nelle ultime ore è uscito “The Yin & Yang of Gerry Lopez”, il film Patagonia che getta luce su una delle più importanti figure di riferimento del surf. Mettetevi comodi e godetevi questo viaggio della durata di 100 minuti all’interno della vita di una leggenda, Gerry “Mr. Pipeline” Lopez.In occasione dell’uscita del tanto atteso film … Read more

Columnist Steve Lopez and the ‘spiritual side’ of retirement

Steve Lopez knows he’s running out of time. Lopez, a Los Angeles Times columnist and four-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, isn’t yet collapsing in the grave, but he’s 69, with two artificial knees and a pacemaker. “Although it’s a scary thought, when you get to where I am, statistically speaking, you’re in the last quarter of … Read more

It is revealed that Jennifer Lopez does not hire dancers who are a Virgo sign | tomatoes

The 21st century has brought the rise of magical thinking and we can see it in the success of neo-pagan practices and other religions that offer spiritual alternatives beyond Christianity. In this context, astrology has become part of everyday life in the contemporary world, generating special interest among members of the millennial and Z generation; … Read more

Jennifer Garner Goes Shopping As Ex Ben Affleck Marries Jennifer Lopez Again

Jennifer Garner has skipped ex-husband Ben Affleck’s second marriage to Jennifer Lopez in favor of a visit to Sam’s Club. The former Ms. Affleck was all smiles as she visited the store in South Charleston, W.Va., just before 4 p.m. Saturday, TMZ reports. Photos obtained by the outlet show Garner, 50, wearing a casual blue … Read more