On the Way: fight against gambling, movements for the care of Creation, bishops and priests in comparison

Program that follows the ongoing synodal path, to share the most interesting diocesan experiences, to deepen the innovative processes launched by the local Churches. On air from Monday to Friday at 19.30 leads Enrico Selleri Monday 9 January Addiction to gambling: a social problem reported to the institutions by the Italian Church and by the … Read more

10 films with nuns, priests and popes, when religious figures are the protagonists

Bresson, Schrader, Meirelles and Komasa. Let’s find out some directors and which of their films have best told the life of the most common religious figures. What happens behind the walls of a nunnery, among the palaces of papal power or in the abbeys of the most remote villages, has always been a curiosity of … Read more

Gabriel Ringlet: ‘I would like priests to dress like everyone else, to practice a profession like everyone else’

Priest, chaplain, journalist, professor, theologian, writer… Gabriel Ringlet has already taken many paths. He came out of it, too, to go beyond the beacons. For more than 50 years, he has shared his faith differently. This Saturday again, his Christmas celebration in Louvain-la-Neuve with actor Sam Touzani, ethnic Muslim and atheist, was sold out. Reformist … Read more

Support from the Spanish bishops to the “Mosén Sol” residence, for the treatment of personal problems of priests

A few weeks ago, the Italian church information portal settimananews.it published an extensive report titled “Little Bethany. A home for broken priests”. It is a residence for priests with problems in the French town of Mesnil-Saint-Loup, a rural town in the Aube department, 25 kilometers west of the city of Troyes. This house is intended … Read more

Togni: “Two names for the Bishop of the future… We have young parish priests, present and with personality”

by Andrea Togni * In addition to being a father and husband, I am an entrepreneur and manager: I appreciate those who express their efforts and, if necessary, withdraw from a function, leaving room for the new. Asking for help is an act of love towards the organization to which you belong and towards the … Read more

Don Gianluca, a modern parish priest: “Marriage for priests? It would help pastoral life”

Don Gianluca Bresciani50 years old, parish priest of the Pastoral Unit of San Pellegrinois an “anti-traditionalist” priest, open to the possibility of marriage within the pastoral context, is committed to trying to make changes and innovations in the religious world to overcome an old legacy. And he also finds the time to devote himself to … Read more

Bishop Munilla meditates with the priests in the Advent Retreat

The Bishop of Orihuela-Alicante has directed the Advent Retreat of the priests of the Diocese With the recitation of the Angelus, the Advent Retreat of the priests of the Diocese of Segorbe-Castellón began this morning, which is included in the annual retreat program organized by the Vicariate for the Clergy and which was held today … Read more

Red, green, purple… What do the colors of the priests’ vestments mean?

in the Church nothing is coincidence and much less in the celebration of the Eucharist. When we attend Holy Mass it is common to realize that the priest does not always wear the same chasuble. In fact, what varies mainly is the color this. The criteria for choosing the color of clothing does not follow … Read more

RnS: the national retreat for priests, deacons and religious at the conclusion of the Golden Jubilee | AgenSIR

The spirituality and formation of the proposal was safeguarded by Assisi, the fulcrum of Franciscan spirituality, which, at the “Domus Pacis” in Santa Maria degli Angeli, hosted 180 participants coming not only from various regions of Italy but also from Switzerland and Germany, together with priests of African and Latin American origin (Photo RnS) At … Read more

“My Don Simone so similar to some Florentine priests”: Pieraccioni tells his film between the sacred and the profane

With the iridescent blue jacket, as he himself described it to “bischero”, Leonardo Pieraccioni made his triumphal entry at the Uci Luxe Cinema in Campi Bisenzio for the presentation of his latest work: “The sex of the angels”. With him three of the actresses of the cast, Maitè Yanes, Eva Moore and Valentina Pegorer who … Read more