The Pope receives again James Martin, activist priest of the LGBT community


American Jesuit priest James Martinhas once again been received by Pope Francis.

This controversial priest, whose social networks are full of pro-LGBT content, is a consultant at the Holy See’s Department of Communication. Throughout the week, he has been counting from his twitter account his stay in Rome, which presaged that said meeting would take place.

Martin himself has been in charge of advancing the news and that the official bulletin of the Holy See itself has confirmed minutes later. “I was deeply grateful to meet with Pope Francis @Pontifex at the Apostolic Palace this morning for 45 minutes, during which we discussed the joys and hopes, the pains and anxieties of LGBTQ Catholics. It was a warm, inspiring and encouraging meeting that I will never forget », the priest wrote on his Twitter account.

Francis’ support for James Martin

James Martin is also the editor-in-chief of the Jesuit magazine América, a Vatican adviser and a self-styled apostle of the LGTBI. Last August he received a new sign of the support of the Holy Father in the form of a letter commending their work.

Although his views are often controversial and doctrinally risky, Father James Martin has received constant outpouring of support since the beginning of this pontificate. The Pope has not only written affectionate letters to him in the past, but also dedicated a long private audience to him, expressing his support for the cause of the Jesuit, a supporter of changing the entry on homosexuality in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Martin’s criticism of anti-LGBT bishops

james martin too recently criticized Bishop Donald DeGroodof Sioux Falls, South Dakota, for pastoral guidelines addressed to Catholic students in his diocese on the correct attitude to “rainbow” propaganda.

Bishop DeGrood released new guidelines in late August that prohibit people who publicly live as the opposite sex from baptism, Holy Communion, membership in parish councils and being godparents.

“First of all, people should be able and encouraged to ‘celebrate’ who they are, and more importantly, how God has created them, also LGBTQ people. It is an essential part of a healthy spirituality for anyone. “I praise you, for I have been wonderfully and fearfully created,” Martin told DeGrood.

“This is crucial for young people, and especially for young LGBTQ people, who feel, thanks to statements like the one above, ignored, rejected, condemned, marginalized and completely undesirable in their own church,” Martin continued, disfiguring the bishop’s attitude.

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The Pope receives again James Martin, activist priest of the LGBT community