# ADIUTORGAUDIIVESTRI25. In seven hundred pages the pastoral care of a bishop always close

Collaborator of your joy: Adiutor gaudii vestri. Since 1997 it has been the motto, even before the life program, of Msgr. Michele Secciasince 2018 archbishop of Lecce. Now it is also the title of the volume published by the archdiocese of Lecce and printed for the types of Editions Vivere inwith the support of Banca … Read more

The Church of Marseilles, a pioneer in Mediterranean pastoral care

The diocese of the oldest city in France set up a service for Mediterranean relations a year ago. The first of its kind on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, it intends to encourage awareness of the issues of peace, dialogue and fraternity in this region, the Abrahamic cradle. Meeting with Father Alexis Leproux, episcopal … Read more

Pastoral year dedicated to spirituality: Monsignor Crociata presents his letter entitled “For the life of the Lord … in whose presence I am”


Monsignor Mariano Crociata, Bishop of the Diocese of Latina-Terracina-Sezze-Priverno, is again positive at Covid. He then connects from his private studio todiocesan assemblywhich was held last night at the the episcopal curia of Latina and which saw the presence of 500 participants, to present his Pastoral Letter entitled “For the life of the Lord … … Read more

Breast cancer. The Pastoral Care of Rome with the Ao San Giovanni Addolorata promote humanized treatments

The Breast Health Center in collaboration with the Pastoral Health Diocese of Rome launches a series of initiatives on the occasion of the month of prevention. First appointment on 1 October with the conference “The change of care” to show closeness to women affected by breast cancer and raise awareness of health workers and citizens … Read more

Time of Creation, from 18 September the events in the pastoral zone 1 will start


The Feast for the Custody of Creation, promoted by the diocesan group Laudato si ‘, continues in the pastoral zone 1; in fact, the Laudato si ‘group of Zone 1 organizes two events. The first will be in Brignano Gera d’Adda, at the church of S. Agnese, where, in collaboration with the cultural group “Mons … Read more

Catholic influencers propose a digital pastoral:


MADRID, 22 (EUROPE PRESS) The initiative ‘The Church listens to you’, born from the hand of the Computer Network of the Church in Latin America, has presented to the General Secretariat of the Synod a document with the synthesis of the results obtained by a survey carried out by 244 Catholic influencers to through their … Read more

“A church that dialogues”: the pastoral indications of the bishop of Asti


A church that talks. This is the title of the pastoral indications of bishop Marco Prastaro for the year 2022-2023. The booklet, published today and distributed in both paper and pdf format on the Diocese website, also contains the calendar with all the diocesan appointments for the next pastoral year and is enriched by a … Read more

In Lyon, pastoral actors are trained in the fight against anti


“Anti-Semitism appears as a virus that has always infects the world: it only changes appearance depending on the situation. » This Tuesday, October 12, Jean-Dominique Durand, the president of the Judeo-Christian Friendship of France (AJCF), speaks before an assembly made up of religious, lay people or associative actors, Catholics, Protestants or Jews. All are gathered … Read more

“The lymph sanctuary of the new pastoral unit: Marian devotion strengthened, not canceled”


“Seeing such an overcrowding, the Carabinieri simply worried about public order.” Monsignor Gian Carlo Perego, archbishop of Ferrara-Comacchio is calm, speaking of the reaction of the population of Comacchio after the constitution, by the prelate, of the pastoral unit of the parishes of the city.to. This led to the union of the parish-sanctuary of Santa. … Read more

Basque Country: “pastoral care unites us for life”


Arnaud Aguergaray There is no pastoral theory. Postoral is based on the living and pragmatic transmission of an ancestral custom. A transmission that renews itself. The origin is traced back to the mysteries (theatrical representations of a religious fact – editor’s note) of the Middle Ages. I don’t believe in it very much. There was … Read more