VIDEO. Documentary “Terre de femmes”: diving into a universe where life is built without men

In Occitania, at the foot of the Pyrenees, there is a land of refuge for women, on the hillside, in the middle of the woods, on the fringes of society where life is built without men. A place of collective and feminist transformation where a few cabins are built, to experience a new way of … Read more

[VIDÉO] Jeff Angelo, Péi artist: “Getting rich in everyone’s beliefs”

Jeff Angelo is a painter from Réunion. It is currently exhibited in an ephemeral room, behind the Espace Psynergie, on the seafront of Saint-Paul. And this, until January 29th. It was after several trips and years of spirituality and meditation that Jeff Angelo began to paint his vision of the world. Without real limits, the … Read more

VIDEO. An adventurer from the Vosges leaves to meet the Inuits and Indians of Amazonia

Navigator, adventurer but also filmmaker, Florent Defay is interested in endangered ethnic groups all over the world. After ten months spent with the Inuits, in Greenland, the Vosgien begins his new journey, to meet the Indians of Amazonia. He gives us his news a few minutes before his departure. All about: The Festival of Lights … Read more

Catania, at the Ursino Castle the works of Zuccaro and an unpublished video installation in which Franco Battiato took part (Video)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Is titled “Visual meditation” the exhibition of Peter Zuccaro which, between painting, music and poetry, crosses the profound sense of spirituality of Franco Battiatostarring with the author of an unedited video installationgenesis and cornerstone of the exhibition project scheduled in Catania, in the halls of Ursino Castle, from January 15th to … Read more

The sweet home video that David Bowie’s daughter posted to remember him

The daughter of David Bowie he remembered his father seven years after his death. It was with an emotional home video where she he sees her playing the keyboard with her father. Alexandria Zahra Jones, 22, posted the images on her Instagram account. “Seven years. Miss you”, were the words chosen by the daughter of … Read more

A sequel planned for one of the greatest successes adapted from a video game?

On the occasion of the broadcast of Sonic the film on TFX, we invite you to take stock of the saga at the cinema. After a second opus released in theaters in March 2022, is a 3rd film planned? We have the answer! In February 2020, Sonic the Movie landed on screens, achieving great success. … Read more

The Chant: the actors reveal themselves in video

Prime matter and Brass Token unveiled an all-new trailer dedicated to the psychology and depth of the diverse and complex characters of The Song. In this video, find out why each of them came to Glory Island to participate in the Prismatic Spiritual Retreat. Learn how their minds work and how deep darkness runs deep … Read more

Claudia Crabuzza, celebrates Grazie Deledda in Dead Eyes: the video

Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on entertainment news An old shepherd now blind awaits the return of his son, while the storm rages around him: he fears that he might get lost due to the passions that agitate his heart. From this cue, taken from The Old Man of the Mountain by Grace … Read more

From “Final Fantasy” to “Zelda”, via … “Goldorak”: the video games we are most looking forward to in 2023

“Final Fantasy XVI”, the return of the king? We are afraid when we talk about FFXVI (for those close to us). Fear of disappointment, fear of expecting too much, fear of failure… But the more the images of the game flow, the more we want to believe it. Everything looks epic, dramatic, dantesque, like these … Read more

Top des Meilleurs Jeux Vidéo 2022

Le Top 10 des meilleurs jeux vidéos de 2022 selon Écran Large, parmi les évidences qui mettent tout le monde d’accord et les coups de cœur plus confidentiels. 2022 touche à sa fin, et amène son lot de classements et de catégorisations. Pour la première année sans confinements, il est d’ailleurs intéressant d’observer une tendance, … Read more