“They want the Mapuche submissive and impoverished; They don’t agree that we have an autonomous path – Rebellion

The recovery of the lands in 2017 and the formation of the Lof Lafken Winkul Mapu; the beginning of the cause of National Parks and the operations of the then minister, Patricia Bullrich; the assassination of Rafael Nahuel by the Prefecture; the coordinated campaign of media stigmatization; the hate crime against Elías Garay; eviction threats; … Read more

Extinction rebellion, a spiritual action?

“Deliver us from Total”, “Warm hearts, not pipelines”. This week, a handful of activists blocked a Total station in Paris to protest against the international firm’s oil project in Uganda and Tanzania. Activists? Yes, but of a particular kind: a rabbi, an emeritus bishop, a pastor, an imam and a Buddhist monk (1), from the … Read more

The multiple faces of the proletariat in the 17th and 18th centuries – Rebellion

Against this deeply rooted vice, the effort of the North American historians Peter Linebaugh (1943) and Marcus Rediker (1951) with The hydra of the revolution is to present a sample of “ignored characters and forgotten fights” essential to appraise our vision of the capitalist expansion of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the Atlantic environment. … Read more

At Extinction Rebellion, spirituality as a pillar of environmental activism

On the DIY altar in the barn, a rainbow flag acts as a tablecloth and a bouquet of grasses has replaced the cross. Praise rises from the assembly of about thirty people: “You love us, Source of life. » Émilie (1), 37, student in Protestant theology, chose this song from the community of Taizé “to … Read more

German scientists and theologians join scientific rebellion over climate inaction

“Save creation” from climate catastrophe is the cry of prominent figures from the German Catholic Church who have joined the scientific rebellion in Munich calling for a new alliance between science and faith. Alberto Coronel/Agnes Delage To the cry of “Save creation!”, relevant figures of the German Catholic Church have joined the campaign of civil … Read more

The rebellion of the flowers, the documentary about the historical claim of indigenous women in the Ministry of the Interior | CINEMA

“I’m going to spend another year without my son. And if my son wasn’t Indian, weren’t they going to kill him? Asks one of the women who participated in The rebellion of the flowers, the documentary about the historic occupation of the Ministry of the Interior made by 23 members of indigenous peoples in search … Read more

“The Rebellion of the Flowers”, by María Laura Vasquez (Premiere: September 30)

The friday september 30 at 7:00 p.m. it opens The rebellion of the flowersof Mary Laura Vasquez, a documentary that includes the participation of self-convened indigenous women from conflicting territories. It will be exhibited during October at the San Martín Cultural Center and at the Gaumont Cinema from Thursday, October 13. In October 2019, a … Read more

Star Wars: 14 caractéristiques définitives de l’ère de la rébellion | Jolie Bobine

Lire la mise à jour Andor ramène les fans de Star Wars à l’époque juste avant la rébellion, qui s’est déroulée dans la trilogie originale. Cette ère a commencé peu de temps avant Rogue One et s’est poursuivie jusqu’après le retour des Jedi, lorsque l’Empire s’est finalement rendu. Cependant, une chose à propos de cette … Read more